Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It has been awhile....

I know, no posts lately.

Why? I really don't care about Zach's latest "boys night out" unless there really was a sexual assault, and the Little League World Series... well see the post below.

But I just found this nugget from Fox The top five coaches on the hot seat includes both Mike Riley and Bill Doba.

These are two of my favorite people in sports. But consider the source. Some dude named ERIC MONEYPENNY? Who are you?

First to Riley. They can't afford to fire him at OSU, even if they wanted to.

Now to Doba. See above. The Cougs signed him to a long term deal as well.

When you are trying to raise money to begin renovating your stadium (WSU) or continue the renovation (OSU) you probably are not ina financial position to fire your head coach when he has years remaining on his contract.

More importantly, neither coach deserves to be on the hot seat. Doba went through a personal crisis last season with his wife literally fighting for her life, a fight she lost at the end of spring practice, and yet he never brought it up or used it as an excuse. Both Doba and Riley had some incredible losses to grades (OSU) and injuries (both schools with names like Joe Newton, Will Derting, Jason Hill and Michael Bumpus) and the one thing we know about those two programs is they will only be as good as their luck with injuries and grades. Lets see what happens this year, and remember what the expectations are for the two NW Land Grant schools. Get us to a bowl game here and there, two or three times every five years, and things will be just fine.

Sure I want more from WSU, but I am somewhat realistic. We have two Pac-10 titles and three straight 10 win seasons in the last decade, and last I checked, Doba and some of his key staff members were big parts of those teams. Riley will be a better coach this year with Jay Locey and a senior in Matt Moore. GO COUGS!

Thank you and goodbye.