Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blazer trade winds blowing??

As the tag line says, "FIRST ON THE FAN" and many of you heard it this afternoon either on 1080 The Fan or via the web since as of this afternoon we are now streaming via

I vowed no Blazer talk for awhile, but when the people you trust around the NBA tell you something, and these people have been bang on right in the past (for example the trade deadline deal when we were the first on 1080 The Fan to tell you the Kings were involved and it was a four team deal) you have to pass it along, so here goes.

Potential trade being discussed: Portland sends Steve Blake, Brian Skinner, and Ha Seung-Jin to Milwaukee for Jamaal Magloire.

Will it happen? Maybe. Hard to say but I do know the discussions between the two teams have taken place. If it doesn't, there will be denials and spinning coming from One Center Court, but I will stand by this, the Bucks and Blazers have discussed this deal.

What does it mean? A lot. This is where it gets interesting. It could mean Paul Allen is back in the game so to speak, and will continue to own the team because one guess is they would try to re-sign Magloire, which PA needs to ok. Also, Blake is a "Nash guy" brought in by the former GM, and easy to get rid of since there is a logjam at the PG position. All of a sudden the Blazers are not as overwhelmed at the point guard position, and and have some quality depth in the frontcourt. That frontcourt depth is also very flexible with multiple players who can play the four or the five.

Stay tuned.......

Pac-10 Media Poll
It is out and USC is the pick again. I was one of the seven votes for Cal. The rest of my ballot will be here this weekend, complete with why I think each team will finish where predicted. But you should know, this is the fourth media poll ballot I have filled out, and easily the one I struggled over the most, top to bottom. That means I expect it to be the most competitive season in a long, long time. The rest of the country will hammer us because some real good teams will have two or three conference losses. But let them criticize. I will just sit back and enjoy the football.

Thank you and goodbye.