Monday, July 10, 2006

Back from vacation...

Refreshed? Not really. I think many of you would agree, that often times it seems like we need a vacation after our "vacation." I found myself feeling the same way. Why? Lines, lines and more lines. Also, I was disturbed by the fact that I kept thinking of the boys back home. For example:

Day One: Land in San Diego, take a short shuttle from the airport to the rental car pickup area. The shuttle bus literally turned left, then right, then left again and in the process I saw the other rental car office where Suke and I both waited for 30 minutes for Canzano (aka BFT) to pick us up the day of the Holiday Bowl. This caused me to cuss out The BFT for making us wait back in December.
Upon arrival at the rental car agency, the "superstar in renal cars" was anything but that as far as customer service. The murder trial of their former Heisman Trophy-winning spokesman took far less time that it did for me, along with two young kids and lots of luggage, to finally speak to an agent. During that time, I estimated it would have taken 34 Big Suke head butts to get to the front of the line. I miss Big Suke.
After a wait of MORE THAN AN HOUR for our car, we left, took two turns, and passed by the other rental car agency, the one Canzano couldn't find when Suke and I waited, and we were finally one our way. DAMN BFT!

Day Two: San Diego Zoo. Standing in line for tickets: 15 minutes. Standing in line to take the double decker tour bus around the entire zoo: 55 minutes. Wishing I had my producer Swag to do all of this standing in line-priceless.
One thing that isn't priceless is the cost of ANYTHING at the "world famous San Diego Zoo." $3.25 for a bottle of water, $4.50 for frozen lemonade, lunch for four (hot dogs, small cheese pizza, bottled water, etc.) comes to $47.0o. At least it "only" cost us $130 to get into the zoo!

Day Three: Seaworld. Where is Suke when I need him? Our tickets for Seaworld were part of the vacation package. That is the good news. The bad news? There are three windows to redeem the vouchers. Five people are ahead of me. Simple math tells me that it will be a short wait. WRONG! Two of the three windows are taken up by the same people for 25 minutes. English isn't second language for many-it isn't even an option. My estimate: Seven Big Suke head butts and it would have been a five minute wait.
Now....we did think ahead, after the zoo debacle, and bring our own bottled water. But...... BIG Signs, Shamu the whale big, saying NO FOOD OR DRINK allowed in Seaworld. Nice. But the guy checking our bags is blind. Asks if we have anything that is prohibited in the park, I say no, he pokes a stick in my wife's bag, and we are in! I congrtulate my wife on picking the line with the blind guy checking bags, she feels guilty for taking advantage, I feel nothing except my wallet getting lighter by the second.

Anyway, you get the idea. Watching your kids enjoy things like animals and sealife is "priceless" although as we all know, not much in life is really free. Good to be back though.