Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Draft Day

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors....
As stated below, until something actually happens, it is hard to know what to believe. But.....and here I go....."multiple league sources" told me this morning that the Boston-Portland-Telfair-#7 Pick-Dickau deal is close to being a reality. Just an FYI on the "sources." They are the same ones who I got the information regarding the trade deadline deal from-you know, when everyone else was reporting it was a three team deal, and I went on the air and told you it was a four player deal. In other words, these sources have been bang on before, and so I don't have a reason NOT to believe them. They didn't say the deal is done, just that it is close, and the rumors we have been hearing about a possible deal between Boston and Portland are true. Believe it if you like, but lets start discussing what this means.

1) A package of the #4, #7 and even #30 and/or #31 picks could really help a team move up to the top overall pick in the draft. In other words, lets assume the Blazers don't have their eyes on someone (Roy, Carney or Brewer) at the number seven spot but instead would be using Telfair to get the extra lottery pick to move up in the draft.
2) They do have their eyes on someone at both #4 and #7. Maybe they know they can't get Morrison at #4, and they can't move up. A great way to take the sting away from not getting the guy everyone in town wants is to make a splash with two high lottery picks.
3) They end up taking a guy they really like who is rated lower, much higher in the draft. Can you say Alexander Johnson? We know one thing from the Telfair pick from two years ago, they aren't afraid to pick a guy much higher than anyone else has him rated.

Stay tuned.... and hope to see a lot of you at The Hot Seat Bar and Grill (www.hotseatbarandgrill) in Tualatin for the Draft Party brought to you by Miller Genuine Draft. We will be on the air at 3:00, but the party starts earlier than that! The Hot Seat is about a half mile from the Blazers Practice Facility, on Martinazzi Ave, and is a real sports bar with fantastic food, more than 20 televisions and big screens, and we will have our interactive "knockout" draft game with some incredible prizes. In other words, you make the call in the draft, and win some prizes including some stuff from Nike Golf, and Caddies 4 Cure ( brought to you by Stimson Lumber.