Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Is Nash Officially Out?

Not yet, but here is a great little note, passed along from a listener, in regards to how the front office is "selling" the team. In the interest of the "new" policy for media, where the Blazers want to have everything recorded and available to see/hear, I have included the entire e-mail from the ticket account executive, with the exception of his/her name, and the client/listener's name. But pay careful attention to the fourth paragraph.

Hi (Customer),
Thank you for your quick and honest feedback. I understand the last couple of years have been difficult to get excited about, but I ensure you that we will be more competitive and exciting for years to come.

Have you thought about possibly moving to a half season package? This would allow you to keep all of the benefits of a Season Ticket Holder (i.e. Loyalty Reward Discount of 10%, Right of First Request on events at the Rose Garden, premium seat location, Guaranteed Giveaways) and attend only 22 of the 44 home games.

If you could see yourself coming back as a season ticket holder in the near future, when the team is more competitive I would recommend going with a half season. By going to a half season you would be able to keep your Loyalty Reward Discount of 10% and keep you current low priority number so you have a better chance at moving into a prime seat location.

I understand that you don't agree with everything John Nash has done in terms of trades and player personnel decisions, but I wanted to remind you that John Nash's contract expires the end of June so we may have a new GM going in to the draft and off-season.

Let me know if you would would be interested in a half season package, or if you still decide that you are not going to renew your season tickets. I understand that it has been a difficult time to be a Trail Blazers fan, but trust me we will be getting more competitive and become the pride of Portland again real soon.

Now that is something! Hey, keep your tickets because Nash is on his way out! And I thought the radio and media business was brutal!

Nice campaign, and I wonder how difficult it is for Nash to keep pulling the knives in his back out?

One other tidbit-the word is that Paul Allen has left the decision on whether or not to re-hire John Nash in the hands of only one person-Steve Patterson. It will be Patterson's, and only Patterson's decision.