Monday, May 22, 2006

Big Monday

Well, sort of. Big Suke returns from his broken "crown" and there is a lot to talk about starting at 3:00 today. Before that, check out for info on our Radiothon on Wednesday where we are teaming with Global Spectrum (the good people who run the Rose Garden) as we raise money for a young girl who needs a bone marrow transplant. YOU CAN BID ONLINE STARTING TOMORROW. For more info on the cause, check out John Canzano's blog

I am in the minority because I am one of the few guys on the radio who won't kill the WNBA, but I don't really follow the news of the league either. Still, I was shocked to find out that Portland was being considered for a WNBA franchise, again.
Now it does look like we won't get the team, but the only thing I thought was HUH? Our NBA team is a disaster, so why would the NBA/WNBA look here? As the story says, attendance here was strong, there was a fan base, and as the lacrosse team and WinterHawks have proven, people here will support sports, if you give them a product worth watching. The WNBA interest also has a strong "Global" feel to it-in other words the aggressive nature of the people who run the RG are looking to continue to keep that building busy.
The real interesting thing here would have been if the WNBA came here, and actually competed with the NBA team for sponsors and tickets. I don't think that is the spirit of what the two leagues are all about, but the Blazers have really never been "team" players anyway.