Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Time of Death-9:23 PM!

It is over, without much fight or fanfare, only a brief bit of excitement at the end of the game with the young Blazers still playing were making one hell of an effort to reward the fans still in the building with a free taco (they didn't succeed). Steve Nash had a triple double in about 30 minutes of playing time, and the Blazers clinched the worst record in the league in style-with another loss.

One media member standing in the hallway said it best-they could play 10 more games and still not win 22 games this season. Interesting since 22 was the number of wins the team had when Mo was fired last year. No, I am not saying I would rather see Mo coaching as opposed to Nate. But the number is interesting anyway.

Some final game final thoughts:

1) Why did Lenard play 20 minutes?
2) Why does the the Blazers game night promotions staff make every game seem like your kids elementary school talent show? More on that tomorrow. At least Blaze made his big "death" dunk.
3) I counted at least three signs begging the team to pick Adam Morrison. The guys who did so with the bags over their head were a nice touch.

If you missed Gavin Dawson's Fan Insider Postgame show, tune in Thursday between 3-6 to hear Darius Miles sound like a moron, again. Also, Theo Ratliff and Sebastian Telfair have their own comments about what went wrong.

We will also play the Nash and Nate news conference in it's entirety.