Tuesday, April 18, 2006

WHY YOU SHOULD LOVE NATE and.....Welcome back to the UPDATED Blog!

I'll start with the random thought of the day....
Tuesday's Blow! I don't know why, but they do. Am I alone in that thought? It just seems that way, at least for me. Some say Monday's suck, or Wednesday "hump day" is the bad day of the week, but for me, it always seems to be Tuesday's. Wednesday you are closer to the weekend, Monday's you should be refreshed from the weekend, but Tuesday's just are BLAHH!!..... comments on this are welcome.

Now to the topics of the day.....

Why should Blazer fans be somewhat optimistic:
Two words: Nate McMillan. 1080 The Fan's Jason Swygard was at practice today, and notes that McMillan had his team running "suicide" sprints after practice. I love that. McMillan's hard ass attitude and the probable sale of the team should be reason for optimism, however slight.

What about J-Mac?
While the debate rages on in regards to Darius Miles, it should be noted that the other "half" of that trade isn't fairing so well either: check out what Jeff McInnis is up to...(note: not much!).

What could have been? Random Stat of the Day
I know this isn't totally fair, or even the most accurate way to judge, but I believe that the day Bonzi Wells was traded was the beginning of the "restructuring/rebuilding/downsizing/downgrading" of the Blazers as we knew them. How did we know them? A sketchy group of bad apples who despite all of their issues, won games and put butts in the seats. So here is where we are today:
Since December 3rd 2003 (bye bye Bonzi Day), the Blazers are 81-142 for a .363 winning percentage.

Finally... thanks to Oregon State Head Football Coach Mike Riley, SID Steve Fenk, and the rest of the crew in Corvallis.
In case you missed it, we did our show from 3-7 yesterday at the Valley Football Center during spring practice. What a treat it was for us, and hopefully the listeners, to have Riley come out of his way and spend 20 minutes with us at 3:00. Funny part of the story-people always wonder if he is really as nice as he seems. Yes. At one point he put his feet up on a chair, sat back and continued our conversation. Of course guys are more relaxed in the spring, but still...this is a Division One football coach who has to plan his days and practices to the second. We promised him a few weeks ago that we would do a show from Spring drills, and when we followed through, he made a point of not only doing the interview, but Riley also came by later to thank us again for coming down. I said on the show yesterday there was a different feel down there-and there was. They have a little swagger, an air of confidence, and rightly so. With five offensive linemen, a 1,380 yard rusher, one of the best tight ends in the country and a solid secondary all returning, the Beavs should be real good.

Thank you and goodbye....