Monday, March 20, 2006

Ok, I am bad about the updates. To be honest, it needs to be a priority, it isn't compared to other tasks of the day such as preparing for a four hour show, and even though the blog can be a part of the process to prepare for a show, it isn't always possible. I do appreciate those who check it out, especially in conjunction with listening to the show, and like anything else, it will get better.... so enough! As the midnight hour approaches, some thoughts:

Back from The Rose Garden-Obvious statement of the night: Darius must go....
The only numbers you need to know 25-8. That is the run at one point in the fourth quarter the Blazers made without Darius Miles in the lineup. I was wrong. I didn't think you could be a "better" basketball team without a player who was at one time your leading scorer and really is your most talented player. That isn't true. Nate McMillan said it best tonight when he stated "There is too much drama" here with this team. In other words, Darius is a puss-a complete distraction, and is tearing this team apart. Without him tonight, they made a run, pulled to within one, and had a chance to actually win. Shockingly, missed free throws (2 by Zach), a couple of non-calls by the "Heat Miser" himself Jess Kersey, and the Blazers lose again.

But really.... what does it really mean?
We had our "Fan Reporter for a Night" Dominic at the game with us tonight, and he made a great point while we waited for 20 minutes until Nate was ready to address the media. He said, as we all bitched and complained about having to wait about 10 minutes longer than the league requires, that "the media is really synical." We are, he is right. But why? Truth be told, we as a collective group are tired of this same old routine. Blazers lose when key players have zero to no effort, coach gets mad, coach has no consistent rotation because he is a) still evaluating or b) not sure what kind of effort he will get from his key players.
The problem?
THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME SITUATION AS ONE YEAR AGO. Nothing has changed except a few players and the coach. The Kevin Pritchard era was to evaluate and "look under the hood" of the car as he stated. What the hell did he see? What was actually accomplished in that 5-22 stretch? Nothing. Most of us see a dysfunctional team that is no better off today than one year ago, and the evaluation process continues. Evaluation is code for "we are trying to buy more time." The time is now for the owner to sell, the management to leave with him (I like Nash and Pritchard but they are PA guys), and the only piece of the basketball operations staff that should be left standing is the only valuable piece in this organization and that is the Head Coach.

More coming Tuesday afternoon on March Madness (Buddy Jay is right- we all suck at picking the brackets), Hutch leaves the Hawks, and a different look at the dunks in women's basketball.

Thank you and goodbye.