Friday, March 10, 2006

Back to a computer..... then back to Eugene.

Been gone all week, back in town for a day, then to Eugene, back at 2:00 AM, then back down to Eugene today. Thus, no updates until now.
Some general thoughts.....

The NO SH&% Comment of the week-Spring Training is awesome: But.... If you haven't ever been, and you are even a casual baseball fan, GO! The mindset down there is so relaxed, the weather is perfect for this time of the year when we are all in that depression that comes with a long winter, and the tickets and concessions are all affordable. We didn't have a chance to play any golf, but maybe next year.....

HS Playoffs and PXP: I am amazed at the feedback we get from doing high school sports on our station. I don't know if it is a reflection on the small-town attitude that exists here (Not a bad thing) or the community pride many feel for their local schools, but people really seem to appreciate the fact we did a bunch of HS Football games this fall and now the 4A tourney. That makes the long trips to Eugene worthwhile. I hope everyone enjoys the games tonight as well. For me, it has been fun to do some actual play by play again. I did mostly hockey, but also some college and high school football and basketball along with a lot of AAA and single-A baseball during a 10 year period, but since I started working here in Portland, I haven't been doing much at all outside of the Nike and ESPN commericals which are obviously scripted. So it was fun to do some football this year with Suke, and I had a blast doing the games yesterday. My broadcasting background was entirely play by play and anchoring updates before I evolved into a talk show host in 1998, so it has been refershing to get back into the play by play mode if only briefly. A couple of other thoughts:
1) No I am not a Lake Oswego "homer" but I do appreciate watching top level players-and Kevin Love is just that. I wasn't impressed last year when he appeared to be out of shape coming back from the knee injury. This year... wow!
2) I get excited for great plays. Radio play by play is so different than television. Paint a picture as opposed to commenting on the pictures. Three pointers in high school hoops are always big, thus the excitement.
3) South Medford's Kyle Singler is a complete ass on the floor-in an Adam Morrison kind of way. He plays hard, gets in your face, and is scary good too. He is high school's version of the anti-Darius Miles.

OSU and Oregon help raise standards at WSU:
I think all of us WSU fans should thank Oregon AD Phil Knight, Assistant AD Bill Moos, and OSU AD Bob DeCarolis for helping the Cougs get their stadium improvements rolling.
Bill Doba told hundreds of fans in attendance at the Night With Cougar Football celebration at Emerald Downs near Seattle on Feb. 17 that an improved stadium is vital if WSU is going to continue to recruit successfully. He talked about the competitive edge Oregon and Oregon State have as the result of their improved football facilities.
“You walk into that Oregon State stadium and you look up at that one side and you think you’re in the Seahawks’ stadium,’’ Doba said. “It is beautiful.’’
A renovated Martin Stadium “will help us in recruiting,’’ he added. “And it also tells the parents that this university is willing to make a commitment to athletics."The total cost of the four-phase project has been estimated at $73 million. Phase One of the renovation is scheduled to begin following the 2006 football season.

More this weekend....
Thank you and goodbye,