Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lets lighten things up today... Question-Hingis: Hot or Not Hot?

That is the question the crew on the show was debating during some commerical breaks yesterday. So today, in light of drive-by shootings, complaints about "not getting respect" by teams in and and out of the Super Bowl, Ron Artest being.... Ron Artest, and all of the other stuff in sports that seems to be negative, we ask the simple question today, is the Swiss Miss "hot" in your eyes?

I have to say, based solely on the pictures, no. But I look deeper than that, because that is who I am, a deep thinker (at least when it comes to hot or potentially hot) women.

What makes a woman attractive? Looks, sure. But something else must come into play-the almighty "intangible" if you want to look at it that way. For many of us, we look at our wives and the attraction goes further than the fact she was a good looking woman when we first met her. Now, she is a success in business, or a great mother-things that maker her more attractive today than when you first met. (*side not: if you don't think the above of your spouse, in my unprofessional opinion, that is a BAD sign).

In the case of Ms. Hingis, she was the best in the world at what she does at one time. Forced to step away because of injuries, she was able to come back after a long layoff, and display the enormous talent, drive, and skills that made her the best in the world at one time. That my friends is the INTANGIBLE that makes her HOT.