Saturday, July 29, 2006

Weekend Update

There has obviously been a lot of feedback from both Portland and Milwaukee in regards to a potential trade between the Bucks and Blazers, as I first spoke about on 1080 The Fan Thursday afternoon (now available via streaming at Here is one thought from Wisconsin in regards to the potential trade:

Speaking to some other media members in Milwaukee yesterday, the word there is the deal is indeed in Portland's court, pardon the pun. Those in the land of beer in cheese also told me that the Bucks may have wanted to delay the announcement because of the Brewer's activity (Carlos Lee trade) as we get close to the MLB trade deadline. In other words, get the biggest bang you can during a slow time of the offseason. Public Relations 101 says never share the headlines if you can avoid it.

We can relate to that here where the Blazers are now making every news conference a made for t.v. special with unique locations and themes. Those news conferences, as opposed to the traditional ones at a practice facility, take time to plan and organize. Think about it. You can't expect "The Henchman" and his minions to plan award winning events like "Przybilla on the River" or "Raef's Street of Dreams" overnight.

Seriously, one thing we do know with Kevin Pritchard is he is not afraid to make a deal. If, as is being speculated in Milwaukee, the trade is in the hands of the Blazers, you would think that the only thing they are waiting on is for the news conference to be organized by BOTH teams.

Or..... as is often the case by the time these things get out, the deal is dead. Stay tuned.

Kevin Love Loses a Recruit
Sort of. Nate McMillan's son, who was thinking about moving to the Portland area for his senior season, will stay at O'Dea in Seattle. YEAH! (note: I am an O'Dea alum and somewhat biased).
Of course the real recruit for the UCLA-bound Love is Kyle Singler who has to decide between the Bruins and Duke.

Have a great weekend, thank you and goodbye!


At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Mark said...

The deal looks to be done Ian.

Terrible trade imo. I dont know how they can afford to lose Ha.


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