Monday, July 17, 2006

Today's "News" Conference

Who will attend today's news conference/celebration for Joel Przybilla? That is the big question I have in regards to today's made for....... well I am not really sure who it is for, event. If nothing else, why have it at 10:45 AM? If it needs to happen in the AM, do it at noon, maybe one of the local television affiliates will run a live interview during the noon newscast.

As stated in a prior post here in this blog, re-signing big Joel is a good move. Good, not spectacular, not franchise turning, not even an impact move in terms of wins or losses. (more in the July 4th post in this blog below). It is not a move worthy of having a celebration and news conference similar to last year when you did make a major move forward with the franchise by hiring Nate McMillan.

Instead, today's news conference is rather embarassing. I said as much on the show Thursday, the Columbian stated almost exactly the same thing on the front page of the sports section today, and the Oregonian also expressed the same thoughts by having NOTHING in their sports section regarding today's signing. It will be another over the top excessive news conference along the lines of the Zach Randolph/Apollo Creed "coming to America" most improved player news conference of a couple of years ago, or the all-time great "Trenton Hassell news conference."

Big Joel averages less than double figures in points and rebounds, is a complimentary piece at best, and has always seemed to be a down to earth, simple guy who will probably be embarassed by today's "celebration." If he isn't the Blazers should be.

Let me know when the real news conference is-when Paul Allen either sells the team or buys back the building. Until then, I am thinking it is football season. When you have to "celebrate" the signing of a role player, however positive the symbolism of Przybilla coming back is, the organization looks desperate and it makes us look even more minor league as a city.