Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday, Monday.....

First-Yes, the comment section was disabled for the weekend. I found myself having to go in and delete a number of them everyday because of the language. Most posts, good or BAD, I left up.
I don't care of you disagree, or don't "like" me, but when I have to go through and read each of them multiple times a day to make sure there aren't a bunch of R rated posts, it becomes too much of a hassle. I have always left up the negative posts, or the ones that don't agree with me, but in the end, I decided to make the call to disable the page. It will return, soon, maybe later today.

Heisman Trophy Campaigns Underway
At least for Marshawn Lynch and Cal. Check out this impressive web site from the Bear's sports informationa department.
It brings up a whole different set of questions though. In a day and age when a coach can't buy a kid a pizza, the school can put considerable time and resources into a project like a Heisman Trophy campaign. For the record, I think Division 1 players should be paid and shouldn't have to live a life of poverty. That pay scale should be the same for each sport, much like scholarships. In other words, basketball and football players would make more than the non-revenue sports. Simple.
Now to Lynch's campaign. He had an impressive year, no doubt. But will he get enough work in the Cal offense if one or both of these things happen:
1) Cal finds a QB to get the ball to an incredible group of receivers like DeSean Jackson, Robert Jordan and TE Craig Stevens?
2) Justin Forsett (999 yards, 7.6 yards per carry last year) continues to develop.

TV Follow Up
Something I mentioned last night on Fox 12's Oregon Sports Final, and believe to be true. The Blazers just need to be done with it, and name Kevin Pritchard the GM. Why the wait? There is no possible way he isn't the guy for the job. The ownership situation continues to be in flux, but why wait on making what is already happening official? The only thing that makes sense is the team is waiting for another "media opportunity" to have a big splash news conference somewhere other than the Rose Garden or Practice Facility.
One other note on Pritchard. I was blown away with his commitment to a local event that I am passionate about this weekend. He said he was going to play in the Caddies4Cure ( golf tourney at Langdon Farms, and even though he was involved in a camp in Colorado, he flew back for the tourney then had to quickly return to the camp. Most guys would just call the tourney organizers and say "scheduling conflict" and not think twice about it. Nice job Kevin.

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At 11:03 PM, Blogger Hap said...

I dont know if anything I said was "rated r". I was pretty tame actually (and since i don't recall what I said, word for word, and it's not up anywhere, I really don't know if it was due to me. I doubt it was.)

try upgrading what you post, and your show, and maybe you won't attract that kind of reponse.

At 1:08 AM, Blogger Mike said...

I asked Mike Barret (who had nice things to say about you, by the way) on his blog and he doesn't know. I don't think anyone, including Steve Patterson and Paul Allen, know when Pritchard gets his deserved promotion.


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