Thursday, June 01, 2006

Say What?

"Kevin's done a great job for us since he came here" is THE quote that jumps out from yesterday's made for KXL news conference (more on that below).

Lets be perfectly clear on something. NOBODY has done a great job on the basketball operations side for the Blazers. When you are the worst team in the NBA, and have won just 26 games since March 2nd 2005, it is hard to say you have done a great or even decent job. What has Pritchard done? Draft Webster or Jack? I thought that was Nash. Did Pritchard make the draft day deal to rid the team of Ruben Patterson? Great move? Not really.

Kevin Pritchard has been here less than two years. Right now it looks like he will be entrusted to run the Blazers draft day activities. That will be his first chance to shine, and maybe even do something that can be judged to be good or great. But to throw out compliments like "Kevin's done a great job" yesterday is an insult to Blazer fans. There has been nothing great about the last two seasons.

Made for Radio Event
Weird happenings yesterday. I can't remember ever seeing a news conference at 10:30 AM, anywhere, for any sport. Starting a news conference at the bottom of the hour is strange enough, but 10:30? Just an odd time. Then I realized why. It fit perfectly into the programming schedule of the team's flagship station. That is the final half hour of the syndicated show by Bill O'Reilly, and right before Lars Larson. But.... good for us at 1080 The Fan. It also fit perfect for us since the Mariners' game began at 11:00, so perfect timing on our end as well, although for us, it doesn't matter-we will always go live and bring you the breakng sports stories as they happen, no matter what time of the day.
Still, it obviously didn't fit into the schedule of Steve Patterson who started the news conference off with his heavy sigh, followed by a disclaimer about how he had to be brief because he had big shooter meetings back at the Rose Garden. What could be more important than the announcement of a change at the top of the basketball operations staff?


At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Chris Snethen said...

Of course he had to get back to a meeting. That's all they have left now. They have to figure out whom to blame for moving their cheese and nothing right now is more important than that.

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lame post Furness.

Pritchard has done a good job as the player personnel guy. He isn't the one signing ridiculous extensions to Miles, Randolph and Ratliff. He isn't the one creating an idiotic media policy. He IS the one who scouted out Martell Webster and identified him as a future all star, which I still believe he will develop into. He IS the one who felt Jarrett Jack was one of the best point guards in the most recent draft. To lay the blame on Kevin Pritchard is ridiculous. You might as well blame the cotton candy guy for the terrible season.

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why dump on Pritchard when there are so many other deserving incompetents? Nash looked two years for a decent shooting guard and was never able to complete a deal. Paul Allen may have been a computer pioneer, but his acumen as a businesman makes me shudder. Etc., etc.

At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Chris Snethen said...

Evidently their IT guy is still in "the meeting". The website was supposed to relaunch at noon. Still waiting....

At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now Nash is gone it's obvious the next person some of the media is after is Patterson. Insult to Blazers fans, please! Talk about blowing something out of proportion. Some of the media acts like no team has every rebuilt before. Just typical one sided negative writing that we've seen for the last few years from some media(oregonlive/1080). Read the columbian, at least they are fair about it.

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually like what you have to say. But your posts have been pretty negative lately. Maybe your hanging around that negative nancy canzano too much.

At 8:27 PM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

Well folks, I take a nice long break from this blog, come back, and it is the same old thing.

No, No, not from Ian, but from you people!

What positive spin can you put on the current events in Blazer land? They just fired a lame duck GM who had limited decision making capabilities while executing his job description. Not only that, but they do not have a replacement for him to mention, or any fan to get excited about.

My analogy: The plane crashed this year into the mountain after some series mechanical defects, and faulty parts. There were survivors, but they just had to eat Johnny to stay alive a little bit longer. Z-Bo's thigh is looking awefully tasty.

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Blazer Wookie said...

Settle a bet for me, Ian. Between you and Canzano, which is the ventriloquist, and which is the dummy?


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