Monday, June 26, 2006

OSU Beaver Baseball

Wow! Beaver baseball "fans" continue to come out of the woodwork. I received a long, passionate and angry voice mail from "Dan in Portland" at 9:30 this morning because Suke and I "don't get it" as far as the importance and significance of the Oregon State Baseball team's accomplishments. For those who haven't, please read the previous post below so I don't have to pound my chest again and tell everyone what a good job we have done, especially compared to the rest of the sports media in this town, for the past TWO seasons. YOU CAN HEAR THE GAME ON 1080 THE FAN TONIGHT AT 4:00.

But despite what "angry" Dan from Portland thinks, I do appreciate what this team is doing, and if they win tonight, it will be remarkable. But what I find the best part of the story to be is:

These guys play for the true "love of the game"
The NCAA allows for 11.7 (yes, 11 POINT seven) scholarships per Division 1 baseball team. The Beavers list 42 players on their roster. Do the math. According to OSU, the scholarship money is given to some in the form of books, some for housing, etc. In other words, it is spread out among many players, in many different forms. These guys are playing for the "love of the game" which you have to appreciate when watching them tonight.

Comparing UP Women's Soccer to Beaver Baseball
They ARE similar in how they are perceived by the majority of the sports fans in the Portland area. We care about the sports during tournament time. We don't the other 48 weeks of the year. We were upset that University of Portland had to go on the road for the first two postseason games. And when I say we, I mean most media here in town. Did we see front page articles in the Oregonian and highlights on the late local news when the Beavs were beating Sacramento State, Pepperdine and New Mexico in February and March? Of course not. That is the major difference between college baseball (and soccer for that matter) and college football and basketball. Do we care the rest of the year?
When comparing the two programs, the major difference is that only eight of the 22 players from the Pilots are from Oregon or Washington, while nine of the 42 players on the Beaver roster are not from the Northwest. Who cares? Lets enjoy both teams for what they have accomplished. Go Beavs.


At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Chris Snethen said...

Two weeks ago "Dan from Portland" couldn't have named the coach of "his" Beavers baseball team if you offered him $5. And in two weeks he won't be able to either. But I'll bet you $20 he knows the football team opens August 31 against Eastern Washington. The Beavers are a great story, but regardless of what happens tonight, the draft will be THE story tomorrow and Wednesday. Deal with it.

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous tholar said...

Why you don't "get it"
No. 1 You are from Washington, not Oregon. The Huskies have always been much more successful. Thus you never want to see them win. Much like the Yankees/Red Sox. Here in Oregon, whether Beaver or Duck we still favor our own before anyone else's. Especially Washington. Do you hate Beavers, Ducks more than Huskies? Thought not.


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