Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Links, links, and Tiger's thoughts from the links....

First, the important business. On the show, I have mentioned a few important links in regards to things we have talked about lately.

1) Caddies 4 Cure Golf: This annual fundraiser has grown from two young professionals living in the Portland area who wanted to do something good for the community into one of the best celebrity fundraising events in the area. Paul Gaustad from the Buffalo Sabres was in studio yesterday to talk about this and other itmes. Check out the official site for more information on the story of Justin and Ryan and you will see why I feel so strongly about this event and why these two guys are so special: www.caddies4cure.com

2) Draft the Stache: Our own "buddy" Gavin Dawson is leading this grassroots effort and the web site alone is worth checking out. I think he is holding a rally outside the Blazers practice facility on Thursday to show the local NBA team that the people want Morrison. His website is www.draftthestache.com

3) Victoria Roberts and family will be in studio today where we will present them the check from the radiothon we held a couple of weeks ago. The family is still short some funding though. For more information, check out www.victoriaroberts7.com

Why do it Big Ben?
Why ride without a helmet? Why ride at all? I asked that question yesterday on the program, and someone actually asked Tiger Woods that same question today, in regards to his own thrill seeking (recent bungee jump, driving a race car, etc.) and he had the response that probably sums it up best: "I go for the par 5's in two" or in other words, the mentality of the athlete, and even the non-athlete, is to go after the adrenaline rush. "I go for the Par 5's in two" seems to sum up the reason that people take the risks they do.

Blazers Sale and the Draft
First, interesting comments from ESPN's Ric Bucher on Sunday night before Game 2 on ESPN Radio. He "reported" that his sources were telling him that Bob Whitsitt is putting a group together, perhaps with some Microsoft money (not associated with Paul Allen's) to make a move to purchase the Blazers. The Microsoft money part of it is new, but the other half of the story, the Whitsitt part, is something I have talked about here in the blog, on 1080 The Fan, and on Fox 12's Oregon Sports Final. What I don't know is if this is really "new" information, or is Bucher coming to the part a little late. Stay tuned. I also think Dave Checketts is a name you should remember with this potential sale.
One other thing-if the team and building are sold together, lets hope Global Spectrum is retained to manage the Rose Quarter. They have become such a huge part of the community, an important part of the community which has given back a lot in terms of charitable donations. OAC wasn't nearly as giving and certainly not nearly as successful running the building when they were in charge. Losing Global would be a huge loss.
Now to Orlando....
Here are some of the items that I was able to get out of the Orlando camp from both team officials and media down there:
1) Kevin Pritchard IS the general manager. He was the Blazers representative in the competition/rules committee meeting where the team's are represented by the top person in their respective basketball operations department.
2) They are still shopping the 30th and 31st picks with great intensity. If they do make either pick, and that pick is NOT a European or foreign player they can leave alone for a year, you can assume that pick won't be a Blazer pick, it will be for someone else.

Other than that, it was rather quiet down there.

Thank you and goodbye...


At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! A Furness post sighting. Enjoy the show.

At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Global Spectrum... they do seem to be great to the people who they need to promote their product, but if you talk to anyone inside the 3 teams who play in their buildings here you will get a completely different picture painted for you.

Driving every major sports team this town has out of business is NOT good for the community.

At 10:14 PM, Anonymous DC Rant said...

Hey Ian - Oregon State can now play we are the champions - and rub it in the Ducks Face! I love it! I know that you have not shown much love towards the beavers, and most of it has been deserved - but Oregon helps us laugh at them with their uniforms. Hey - there is a new website that I think you and Jason should check out. It is being built by a local company. Maybe you could get a link to your blog on it! www.mysportshomepage.com

At 10:16 PM, Anonymous J-LOG said...

Hey Ian - Blazers desparately need the "stache"! Keep up the pressure.

DC Rant - www.mysportshomepage.com


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