Thursday, June 29, 2006

Deep breath.... breathe.... relax.... ok. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

Help me, Blazer fans, why is it that SOME (i.e. not all) of you can't understand the concept of opinion-based sports radio. Let me explain.
This is how our shows have gone the last two days:

Ian: The Blazers picked up LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy.
Suke: I love the pick of Roy. I wish they would have taken Morrison instead of Aldridge, but good picks.
Ian: I agree. I think (that is called an opinion) that Morrison would have been a better fit, but love the Roy pick. Lets take some phone calls...
Caller 1: You two are idiots and too negative. Why do you hate the picks of Roy and Aldridge.
Ian: I like the pick of Roy, but I think Morrison would have been a better fit.
Suke: I agree, Roy good, Aldridge could be good, would have liked Morrison.
Caller 1: See.... you guys are too negative.
Ian: goodbye. Caller number 2 you are on The Fan.
Caller 2: You guys are stupid. Why do you hate Brandon Roy?
Ian: We don't
Suke: I love Roy, wanted him over Morrison.
Caller 2: I hate you guys. You hate the Blazers
Ian: We don't hate the Blazers. We have a different OPINION than you. But we don't hate the Blazers.
Caller 2: Yes you do.

You get the idea. Some days I love this job!

The Draft Recap
Like most, we are all trying to wrap our arms around what exactly happened yesterday during the NBA Draft.
First.....a little history.

Leading up to the draft, I had been saying all along that no matter what the Blazers did yesterday, there would be an emotional response. There was emotion, no doubt, from fans and media (me included) alike. So in that sense, the Blazers were the talk of the town, which is always a good thing.

Now, to the actual picks. One thing is certain-NOBDOY knows if these picks will prove to be successful or not. To say the team hit a "home run" is good copy, but the same team President who said that last night was selling all of you on Sebastian Telfair being a good pick at #13 two years ago. This organization has had a horrible track record in recent years with personnel decsions. Hopefully that is about to change. But keep in mind the Blazers have watched Qyntel Woods, Sergei Monia, Viktor Khryapa, and Sebastian Telfair all come and go after being selected in the first round (some of course by other teams for Portland). We were told great things about all of the above, sold on their talents and skill and thought THEY were the future of the franchise. They weren't.

So the pessimist in me says why was yesterday any different? It may be. It also may not be different. Only time will tell. But the optimist says the team made a bunch of moves, was very aggressive, and is trying to get better. But the pessimist says they have also done that before with the Bonzi, Rasheed, and other trades.

So when will they actually get better? There is no reason for fans to accept constant rebuilding efforts and the rhetoric that goes along with it. They should expect this team to be better and start winning NOW. They have started many rebuilding projects, but they have never finished the project. While most are saying the Blazers had a good draft, and they did in terms of getting two players they wanted, the word from other NBA teams is that the Blazers looked like a bunch of inexperienced fantasy league players who made moves just for the sake of making moves. The one move that didn't happen, and HAS to before next season, is trading Darius Miles. When that happens, my grade changes from a B to an A+.


At 11:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you think were building a foundation for the future that is similar to the blazers of 20 years ago, when we drafted a young Drexler,Porter, and Kersey. The potential is there for Jack,Webster,Roy,and Aldridge to develop into a nucleus that will be a legitimate contender down the road. Honestly, nobody has more talent than Portland 22 and younger. Of course the right players needed to be added to this mix,but it can be done.

At 8:58 AM, Anonymous Lance Uppercut said...

So basically everyone but you guys and Stephen A. Smith think the Blazers did a great job. That says just about everything you need to know.

At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Chris Snethen said...

What became of all the Beaver fans?

As for Woods, Khryapa, and Monia, those were all picks in the 20s. There aren't any players down there, so why not take a homerun swing? Telfair was a mistake. And he turned into an even bigger one when Mo left. Here's hoping he ends up in Philly.

Wednesday was different because for the first time they were splashing around in the deep end of the pool and not trying to outthink themselves or the rest of the league. It was the first tim in the Allen-era they'd tried that approach. And, at least on paper, it worked. They picked up two of the top-five players available while also positioning themselves for some good stuff down the road. I have more hope than ever that both Zach and Darius will be gone by August and my team will have a fresh start. I ache for the days when I could give my heart to this franchise. It looks like that time could be near.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger SAR said...

How many teams leave a draft with their two highest rated players? This never happens. How can you complain about that? Dumping Telfair is probably an addition.

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a hardcore SONICS fan, all I care about is one thing: did the Blazers do better with what they had, than the Sonics did? ABSOLUTELY. The Sonics were abysmal is their choice. The Blazers got 2 of the top 5 players. Yeah they don't have records for drug abuse, wife beating or dog fighting (which I know you have gotten used to) so maybe there is hope. For the boys in green? Nope.

Deen (Green) Macheen

At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Alex said...

Now I was probably one of the first "negative" callers on draft night, and I apologize if it sounded as if I was attacking you guys in any way, but while you guys were "expressing your opinions" you also seemed to be harshly attacking the Blazers on a night that gave Blazer fans our first glimmer of hope in a while. I understand you wanted us to get Adam Morrison, but in the end if you look at what we gave up and what we got, you'll see that the Blazers definitely took a step in the right direction. There is still work to do (trading Darius, Randolph, etc.), but this was a good start.

As for being competitive NOW, I don't see how that's possible looking at the current roster. We have very few tradeable assets and no cap space. Miles and Randolph might be good players, but no otehr teams want their contracts. So who are we going to trade? Travis Outlaw? We got a good deal for Telfair and Ratliff (would have been a great deal if not for Lafrenz's contract), but after that we have nothing to offer anyone, which means we won't be able to get much back in return. This leads me to believe that the best way to rebuild is through the draft, and that's what we started to do on Wednesday night.

Stephen A. Smith is a loud-mouthed moron.

At 1:17 PM, Blogger Jesse McConnell said...

I like what the blazers did on draft day. Two great picks and two players that I think will be good in the long run, not all stars but good solid characters and players.

On another note am I the only one that thinks Adam Morrison's "Stache" looks truely awful? It looks like a high school kid that cant grow facial hair he really needs to shave and get a haircut. I am really glad we didnt get him so I dont have to look at the pre-pubescent mustache anymore.

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your first caller, you guys are idiots. You seem to be in the business of selling bad news and to listen to you guys yesterday, one would have thought that the whole world felt the blazers were dumber that dirt. I would have liked to have been able to get Morrison and Roy but that deal wasn't there. If we'd taken Morrison with the 2 pick Roy would have been gone. And Aldridge could very well turn out to be the better pick in the long run.

At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet Suke would've rather the Blazers drafted midgets.

Why do you guys hate Brandon Roy?

At 6:40 PM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

The fans are hating you because it is so hard for them to accept reality. As if your percieved negativity would go away, the team would be much better. All the while looking past all the mis-steps and broken promisses handed to them by their beloved franchise.

When did trading Z-Bo become a good thing? The guy is a solid piece to a playoff puzzle. The problem is when you expect Z-Bo to be the leader and stud of the team.

Those wishing for a fresh start should be carefull what they wish for. You have the same people running things that got you to this point ... fresh start number three coming up.

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point about Z-Bo. It's a lesson Blazer fans should have learned about in the 'Sheed years. Some very talented players shouldn't (or be expected to) be leaders. However, I don't think Z-Bo makes anyone around him better. His game has been just that -- his game ever since I saw him at Michigan State. What happened to Miles, I'd like to know...

At 10:53 AM, Blogger Spotchester said...

I think comparing those mid-to-late first-round picks and second-round picks you mentioned to this year's high lottery picks and making some blanket statement about "poor track records" is kinda silly.

Telfair - 13th pick

Woods - 21st pick

Monia - 23rd pick

Khryapa - 22nd pick (by the Nets)

The team hasn't had a worthwhile pick in ages until these last couple of years - that's what 10,000 consecutive playoff years will get you. Yeah sure, you'll score with a lower pick sometimes but stating the team has a "horrible track record with personnel decisions" and relating it to the draft is unfair.

Also, is there *anyone* who expected an over-hyped and undersized point guard to succeed in Portland? I know I never did, Telfair had uncanny quickness, but that's about it. Besides, I've always heard Telfair was Nash's baby.

I do agree Miles needs to gtfo. How can a team even consider the possibility of allowing a player back who's spit in the eyes of the organization, his teammates, and the city over and over again? If they allow Miles to stay, in my mind, with that one decision they've undone all the progress made.

Zach might be salvageable although he's clearly not someone who's going to carry your team. Dumb, immature, and uncoachable aren't going to win you many championships if that's the main player you're relying on to get you there.

At 1:35 PM, Anonymous jeremiah bascue said...

It would be difficult to argue that Morrison would not have brought a few more people to the games (something that is obviously and sorely needed) in the short run, but the only way to get back to capacity crowds at our home games is consistently winning those games. And I think Aldridge and Roy are a better way of achieving that.

Darius should absolutely be traded, but the age-old question remains: who the hell wants his fat contract, bad attitude and lackadaisical playing?

Keep Zach. He's not a leader but he's a pretty decent PF (when he's not sulking and pouting) and can and will put up consistent numbers.

At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't speak for all the listeners who were angry at the prime time team, but in *my opinion* you were unprofessional during the NBA draft coverage when you stopped covering the event itself and covered the end of the "draft the 'stache" campaign. The song was cute, and generated some interest in the days leading up to the draft, but once the real event started, you should have put your personal preferences aside and covered the breaking news in an informative, objective manner.


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