Thursday, June 15, 2006

BIg Thursday is in the books!

The Blazers had what amounts to easily the biggest day in their history of draft workouts, with three of the four players who were in representing at worst, three of the top six picks in the June 28th NBA Draft.

Adam Morrison, Brandon Roy, Rudy Gay and Hassan Adams were all on display at the team's practice facility. Morrison, Roy and Gay will all go very early in the first round, with many now saying Morrison is the number one guy, Roy rising quickly and Gay still very tempting to take with any of the first three or four selections. Quick thought, from what I saw, there is no reason to dispute any of those thoughts.

The first thing that comes to mind is all three (Adams is a second round pick) are very polished, finished products, especially compared to what we have seen here in the past. Other things you should know:
1) The media was in for the final 40 or 45 minutes, which only included individual shooting drills. 2) In those drills, Morrison stood out. His lateral movement, intensity, and just pure shooting skills were the best.
3) Roy and Gay were good too, better than anyone I have seen work out there in the last few years, but keep in mind, with the exception of Jarrett Jack, they have picked high school players and Europeans the last few years.
4) Gay will tease you. When it is all said and done, the NBA is still about athletes, and Gay was the best in that regard. But watching Morrison move around in the shooting drills, he is better than the "white boy" he gets stereotyped to be.
5) Paul Allen was there. When I asked him about it after the workout, he said not to read too much into it. In other words, I may be here, but it doesn't mean I still don't want to sell the team. Of course, when pressed, he also wouldn't come out and say that he WILL sell the team either. This is where I insert my Steve Patterson-like heavy sigh.............

BOTTOM LINE: STEVE PATTERSON CALL TORONTO, NOW! I remember falling in love with Martell Webster after watching him workout last year. Now I am a believer in "the Stache."

Draft the Stache-Credit Blazer PR Guy Mike Hanson
Our own Gavin Dawson's grass roots campaign, DRAFT THE STACHE complete with website ( had a group of 40-60 people out there today, and they received a treat for their time. I asked Blazers Media Relations Director Mike Hanson if he could bring Morrison out the front door to wave to the group before he left for the airport, and not only did he do so, but Morrison himself asked Hanson if he could go over the group chanting "Draft the stache." Hanson brought the former Gonzaga star over, and not only did he say hi, he also signed t-shirts, balls and whatever else was thrown in front of him, posed for pictures, and just did more good pr for the team than any of the players on the current roster have ever done. It was real, genuine, spontaneous, and the fact that he actually showed his appreciation for the fans was refreshing. Another reason to DRAFT THE STACHE!


At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Chris Snethen said...

Very interesting to compare your thoughts with those of Fan Insider Jason Quick. Quoting from his blog entry:

"My opinion, and granted, I'm just a beat reporter and not a talent evaluator: Rudy Gay outplayed Morrison.

The most striking facet of the workout was Gay's ability to drive past Morrison. Twice this resulted in thunderous dunks by Gay. Morrison also had his shot blocked multiple times by Gay.

Morrison was owned by Gay. So now what do you do if you're the Blazers? IMHO #4 is looking much better than it was this time yesterday. One of those two will be there at #4. Unless they can unload either Zach or Darius in the deal, there is no point in moving up.

Draft the 'stache? Absolutely. Sell the farm to do it (another #1)? Probably not.

At 11:56 AM, Anonymous tholar said...

Unless you feel that the "stache" is another Duncan, LaBron, ect. then why would you give away something there is no need to. There are 4-5 players in this draft, all close enough in talent to cover with a blanket. Aldridge, Thomas, Gay, Morrison, Roy..all worthy of picks 1 - 5 If Adam is there at 4, fine. If not, that's ok too. We (the Blazer's) can't afford to give away picks for nothing.

At 11:56 AM, Anonymous fatty said...

morrison,roy,or gay would be
fine with me but bottom line
need to have 1 of the 3 worst
records next season, to get
the grand prize either noah
my personal choice or oden
trade fatbo straight up for
c.boozer and get rid of theo
i'm always a no go ratliff !!!!
a starting line up in 07 of
jack,the of the 3 kids above
webster,boozer,and either
noah-oden and you'll talking
about a reinissance in
portland basketball in a
hurry, hey ian imagine c.paul
running the team with those
guys above later ian !!!!!

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Sport Man said...

Great Draft Portland - Yeah, some people can complain that a few things could have been executed differently, but in the end, the results were there. Results, which the Blazers lacked last year. Results, which Nate McMillan is all about. Results - which Roy and Aldridge bring immediately. Sebastian was not results, he was hype. He was old Blazers. Aldridge brings muscle, heart and character. Roy brings all around game and character. This is NOW - Nate McMillan's team. Yes, the scouts and Pritch made some decisions, but this looks like Nate's Team. This year we compete and grow, next year we excel, and year 3 we domiNATE! It was not perfect - did it domiNATE? Yes. Find out more @

DC Rant


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