Tuesday, June 27, 2006

2006 NBA Draft-Wednesday

Coming Wednesday...... it should be fun, eventful, and full of suprises. One thing we do know is WE DON'T KNOW!
In other words, there are all kinds of rumors out there, and the Blazers are involved in their share, but watch and listen to what is going on with an open mind. "Sources tell me" will be said and written a lot, and yes I will be guilty as anyone.

Here is what you need to know for Wednesday.

1) The First pick will take place no later than 4:37. Toronto is officially on the clock at 4:32 PDT.
2) If they keep the pick, Portland will select no later than 4:52 PDT.
3) Jason Quick will have broken at least two or three stories on 1080 The Fan by the time that pick is made.
4) We will have pick by pick first round coverage from the podium, via ESPN Radio. (first shameless plug).
5) The "magic" of radio will mean that you will HEAR the picks on 1080 The Fan at least 10 seconds before you see and hear them on television.
6) The Hot Seat will feature Gavin Dawson and his "Draft the Stache" crew, John Canzano and his sssmedium black shirt, Fan Hall of Fame listeners such as Mike From Ridgefield, Buddy Jay, Greg from The Couve/Camas/Beaverton or wherever he happens to be that day, and many others.

We will have at ton of prizes (thanks Nike Golf and www.caddies4cure.com ) to give away, the food is great, and we will have a microphone there for the SOBER people to make comments after the Blazers pick. See you at The Hot Seat www.hotseatbarandgrill.com


At 8:43 AM, Blogger dms21 said...

rumor from a source at espn has portland and toronto swaping draft picks. toronto will draft morrison and pdx will take barngiani at four. then portland will trade the rights along with telfair to the raptors for the rights to morrison.

At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Chris Snethen said...

If Morrison goes #1, the fix will definitely be in.

I like the Telfair to Boston for #7 and Dickau trade much better. Then they get Roy/Gay and another solid player. That would set the backcourt for a generation.

At 9:25 AM, Blogger dms21 said...

sorry i was wrong on telfair it is the other point guard blake that could be the other player in the deal. it does look like telfair is going in another deal


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