Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday's Final Thoughts.... Blazers behind the schedule on Draft?

Before we get to the important stuff below, check out Canzano and his possible twin:
On this Friday afternoon, lets lighten things up and make a decision. Are John Canzano and UFC President Dana White twins? Related? Were they somehow seperated at birth? White is on the left, Canzano on the right. You decide. Scary stuff though. They say everyone has a twin somewhere in the world, and for Canzano, that guy is in Las Vegas, Nevada. On thing is for sure: these two may be the only white guys I have ever seen who can pull off the shaved head look without the help of some facial hair. Nicely done fellas.

What is going on with the Blazers and lack of draft workouts?
The Blazers have two first round picks (either 1,2,3, or 4 and #30), and the first pick of the second round (#31). So why are they behind the curve working out players? Other NBA teams have already started to work players out, but a Blazer spokesman told me today they probably won't start bringing in players until the week of the 22nd. Originally they planned on doing so starting this coming Monday, but now they are waiting. That makes sense IF you only are worried about a top four pick. But the Blazers don't just have one of the top four picks, but two others which are big as well.
So why not start brining guys who aren't high lottery picks? Why wait? One reason could be they don't plan on using the 30th pick. Is a deal in the works? Is something already done? If not, why wait on bringing in all of the "tweener" guys-the players who aren't guranteed to be first rounders. Last year they brought in a ton of those guys the first couple of weeks (Jason Maxiel, etc.). The first pick of the second round is a popular one, easily traded and valued around the league because you can take a chance on a guy without the contract being guranteed.

Help Victoria
On a much more serious note, John is helping with an important event this weekend to raise money for the little girl, Victoria. From John's blog:
Victoria Roberts, the seven-year old girl with aplastic anemia, needs a bone-marrow transplant and her family is trying to raise the additional $150,000 it needs through her website www.VictoriaRoberts7.comGlobal Spectrum's parent company Comcast will contribute $5,000 from their foundation to Victoria's fund. Also, Portland Arena Management client, Melvin Mark, pitched in another $500. Theo Ratliff and Darius Miles have also made contributions. And I'm told the Trail Blazers have also donated $5,000.There is a free bone-marrow drive Saturday (1-5 p.m.) at St. Theresa School (1260 NE 132nd Ave., Portland). The simple test consists of a small, painless swab of the inside cheek to find out your tissue type.Portland Arena Management is offering a free shuttle service to and from the location. Donors can park at Rose Garden free starting at 12:30pm on Saturday or take Tri-Met to the Rose Garden to catch the shuttle.

Coming Monday on 1080 The
Monday & Tuesday there will be an auction and your chance to golf with Ian/Suke or Bill Schonley/Steve Blake a the Lakeside Lumber/Toys for Kids Celebrity Golf Tournament on Thursday, June 1st at Langdon Farms Golf Club ... included in the package will be three spots in the tourney, plus a week's stay at a beach house on the Oregon Coast. Check out for more info. Toys for Kids is a great charity that makes toys for kids who are very sick, often times terminally ill.

Terry Porter Update
News Release just received from Rob Kremer:

Terry Porter not talking with Kings about coaching position
In light of the recent rumors that have circulated regarding the possibility that Terry Porter is being considered for the head coaching position in Sacramento, we would like to release the following statement:
Terry Porter has not been contacted by the Sacramento Kings organization or any representative of the team concerning the head coaching position or any other position. Any speculation to the contrary is precisely that - speculation and rumor. Terry remains committed to his effort to lead an investor group to purchase the Trail Blazers.
Porter, who spent ten years with Portland, announced three weeks ago that he was working with a local group to identify investors to join him in an attempt to purchase the Blazers and the Rose Garden Arena. "My heart is still in Portland," said Porter. "The team and the city gave me a chance when nobody else would, and I feel a tremendous debt of gratitude to the people of Portland. My dream is to be a part of a solution that brings the Blazers back to the success we all had together."


At 3:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Players and coaches come and go
but the fans remain. And
the Portland fans are the greatest in the world!! The magic is here waiting, Terry...
Carl, 30 year fan.

At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Chris Snethen said...

My dream is to be a part of a solution that brings the Blazers back to the success we all had together.

Yeah yeah yeah...

Let's all hold hands and feel good about TP coming and buying the Blazers. His name came up for the Sacramento job for a reason. His name will come up for other openings as well. It's because he wants his name out there. Until he says once and for all "I'm not interested in coaching again" (which he didn't say here...he only said he hadn't been contacted), he'll *always* be a candidate.

At 11:08 PM, Blogger redwings rule said...

Are you kidding? What in the hell gives you the idea that he'll make a good coach? Didn't he cause problems as a player? Did he not go away? Let's bring in smokin tokin Isiah, too!! Look outside the box, people! Ya all had a great coach in Dunleavy, and chased him out of town, even though his teams made the playoffs. Think, think, think, something that is highly overrated with this franchise!!! The key is at the GM and president!!! The flippin management!!! A great coach could not do anything with this team...Nate MAC daddy IS a great coach!!! Listen, look at Joey D in D town...Knows what the F he is doing. Looks for chemistry, looks for work ethic, looks for the things in players which he experienced when he was there winning titles in the early nineties!! It doesn't take a rocket sciencist my freind, nor pie to the n'th degree!! No one reinvents the wheel. They look at the past and see what has been successful in the past, and try to recreate that. If you don't believe me, check this simple comparison.
1. Isiah: Billups
2. Joe D: Rip Hamiltion
3. Rodman: Big Ben
4. John Salley: Prince
5. Laimbeer: Sheed
Look at the style of play, hard nose d, big men who played d, big men who could shoot from the outside..inside out..outside in.
How about Maurice Evans and Vinnie johnson. Antonio McDyess and Adrian Dantly? Fennis Dembo and Lindsey Hunter, Dale Davis and James Edwards. The list goes on. The front office is this teams greatness. For God's sake, they have a new coach!! Granted he is good...not that good!!! Look outside the box people. I know ther is only one team in P town, it still gives you know reason to talk crazy an irrational. Suck it up, get a good GM...Like Kiki V, and things will fall into place. Perfect opp. he was released from a team who made the playoffs!!! People!!!! Maybe I should buy the team. One probelm ..I'm short a couple of mill, any takers???


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