Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Big Day on 1080 The Fan

Today we host a radiothon for Victoria Roberts. Hopefully most of you know the story by now, but here is a bit from John Canzano's blog on

This is an important few days for Victoria Roberts, 7, who has aplastic anemia. She has a confirmed bone-marrow match. The family is closing in on the $350,000 it needed to get the procedure. I'm told they're roughly $100,000 short now.You can make a tax-deductible donation at www.victoriaroberts7.comI've been amazed at how people have come together to help Victoria, who has been sick so long that she probably doesn't remember what it feels like to be well.

Check out our station's web site, for more information on the incredible items donated by the good people who run the Rose Garden, Mike Scanlon and Global Spectrum. The bidding is already underway, and you can bid online via the website above, or via the phones at 503-250-1080.

Victoria and her dad will be with us in studio at 3:00 today, and if you can't listen then, we will replay the interview at 6:00.

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