Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday's Bugs....Marquardo busted, McDonald's, and more...

It is the weekly "What Bugs You Wednesday" starting at 4:25 on the show today, but I have a couple to start with before we talk white wide receivers and Canzano's column.

1) McDonalds: This company ranks 109th in the Fortune 500, the profits are up more than 14% from last year, and yet Anna Svidersky's friends and family feel the financial need to hold fundraisers to raise money to help the family with funeral and other costs. Yes, McDonald's corporate office is matching the sales raised tomorrow at the restaurant where the 17 year old was murdered, but this comes after Burgerville and the community made the first moves. The FIRST move should have been McDonald's making a statement that the company would take care of ALL expenses involved with the funeral, burial and other items associated with this tradgedy for a family that came to this country from Russia. Maybe some of these events are theraputic for her loved ones, but money worries in the time of a crisis are never positive. Good for McDonald's making their donation tomorrow, but when a 17 year old employee of yours is killed, you should do more, and do it quicker. But I for one will enjoy my first Big Mac (or two) in months tomorrow since it will help the family.
2) Brett Favre: He is coming back. Fantastic. Lead story, breaking news, the NFL can now rest easy because the "gun slinger" is coming back. You can't dispute his career in terms of durability, all-time statistics, and what he meant to the Green Bay Packers. But that was then, what we have now is a quarterback who threw 12 more interceptions than any other qb last year, had a rating lower than Joey Harrington, Chris Simms, Michael Vick and Josh McCown, and yet everyone was on pins and needles waiting to hear his decision. The people who should be cheering are those who are fans of teams the Packers will be playing this year. Great career Brett, but know when to say when.

The White Receiver
Canzano's column in the Oregonian talked about Mike Hass and whether or not race plays a factor in where he will be drafted.
Canzano wrote about the question I asked Hass on the show yesterday during the Pac-10 Today (weekday's 4:00 on 1080 The Fan) when I questioned the former Beaver about a possible stereotype of the "white receiver" and is that hurting him. Hass, was politically correct but when pressed, he did agree with me that it was interesting that he is only compared to white receivers. One of those you hear comparisions too is St. Louis Ram Kevin Curtis. The ONLY thing they have in common is skin color. Curtis is a burner who had a hand-timed 40 of 4.21 and then ran 4.32 in his campus testing. I think we all will agree that straight ahead speed is not a strong point of Hass. The knock on Curtis coming into the league was he didn't get his hands up quick enough and sometimes dropped catchable balls. Again, not what you think of with Hass. The question I have is can you sterotype a person based on skin color, and not make it a racial issue? Probably not.

The race issue goes for other sports as well, and think of it this way. Who should LeBron James really be compared to? Michael Jordan? No. One is a natural two guard (MJ) the other is more of a point forward on the wing and perimeter who can distribute and handle the ball, as well as make his own shots. Larry Bird anyone? Yet you never hear Lebron compared to Bird, just Jordan. The same goes for Hass. Is he Kevin Curtis? No. Is he more like Bobby Engram? Probably.

We would all like to live in the ideal world where racism and sterotyping don't exist. But it does, and when you think about it, racism is probably a byproduct of what many consider to be a less harmful thing, stereotyping.

Truth or Marquardo?
That is the question Marc Amazon and I used to ask in a short-lived segment called Truth or Marquardo and also a question asked by the people in Hood River. Thanks to the obviously long-time listener who e-mailed me this story:
So the guy who told the Oregon Legislature that he had the financing in place to fund a major league baseball stadium, and who we on our show and the Oregonian, Tribune and others proved to have falsified much of his information, is now under fire in Hood River as well. Nice.

Have a good one...
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At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Eric Boucher said...

I couldn't agree more with your point regarding Mike Hass. I kept hearing the Ricky Proehl, Kevin Curtis, or Brandon Stokely comparisons and could only laugh. I mean Curtin and Stokely are small speed guys. Proehl could be a possible comparison but the common denominator is obviously race. Anyway, I did some research on the average size of NFL receivers because the "draft experts" keep saying Hass doesn't have NFL size. However Hass is listed on as just over 6 ft, and 208 lbs. The average size of all receivers on just over 6 ft, and just under 200 lbs. Sounds to me like he has just about the right size. Now I know the argument for that would be "average" because the typical NFL receiver is either small and fast, or big and fast. But, I got to thinking about who you could possibly compare Hass to and came up with a couple of names. Hines Ward, Marvin Harrison, Anquan Boldin, Rod Smith are all guys with similar size, and I don't believe any are known for their blazing speed. Now I am not going to say that Hass will surely be as good as these guys, but I have learned not to doubt this guy. I just think it is sad that Hass is compared to NFL guys based on race and soley race. But when you are a minority race in a certain position I guess the comparisons are inevitable.

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At 7:17 PM, Anonymous Chris Snethen said...

But I for one will enjoy my first Big Mac (or two) in months tomorrow since it will help the family.

I'll see you there.


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