Thursday, April 27, 2006

*Updated* Primetime's Mock NFL Draft Results

The third annual Primetime NFL Mock Draft is in the books, and the results are in (below).
To recap, two years ago we had 18 of 32 correct, a score that was better than most of the "experts" mock drafts.
Last year, we were just 8 of 32, which of course was much worse than most of the experts. We thought that since Big Suke picked #1, and he went with Reggie Bush, that we would be back on track for a good showing. We were wrong.

1080 The Fan Mock Draft

1. Texas-Big Suke-Reggie Bush-RB-USC
(actual pick: Mario Williams)
2. New Oreleans-Doug Burris-D'Brickashaw Ferguson-T-Virginia
(actual pick: Reggie Bush)
3.Tennessee-Todd Anderson-Matt Leinart-QB-USC
(actual pick: Vince Young)
4. New York Jets-Jonathon Farley-Mario Williams-DE-NC State
(actual pick: D'Brickashaw Ferguson)
5. Green Bay-Chris Berg-Vernon Davis-TE-Maryland
(actual pick: AJ Hawk)
6. San Francisco-David Palmer-AJ Hawk-LB-Ohio State
(actual pick: Vernon Davis)
7. Oakland-Jeff Gallagher-Vincent Young-QB-Texas
(actual pick: Michael Huff)
8. Buffalo-Jesse Lehman-Broderick Bunkley-DT-Florida State
(actual pick: Donte Whitner)
9. Detroit-Jason Schmuck-Michael Huff-DB-Ohio State
(actual pick: Ernie Sims)
10. Arizona-Rick Minich-Jay Cutler-QB-Vanderbilt
(actual pick: Matt Leinart)
11. St. Louis Rams-Mark Gabrielson-Jimmy Williams-CB-Va Tech
(actual pick: Denver-Jay Cutler)
12. Cleveland Browns-Jeff Stover-Ernie Sims-OLB-FSU
(actual pick: Baltimore-Haloti Ngata)
13. Baltimore-Kevin Grant-Haloti Ngata-DT-Oregon
(actual pick: Cleveland-Kamerion Wimbley)
14. Philadelphia-Kerry Davis-Chad Jackson-WR-Florida
(actual pick:Brodrick Bunkley)
15. Denver-Paul Roshak-Leonard Pope-TE-Georgia
(actual pick: St. Louis-Tye Hill)
16. Miami-Lester Sparks-Manny Lawson-DE/LB-NC State
(actual pick-Jason Allen)
17.Minnesota-Matt McCally-Bobby Carpenter-LB-Ohio State
(actual pick: Chad Greenway)
18. Dallas-Scott Mahoney-Jason Allen-S-Tennessee
(actual pick: Bobby Carpenter)
19. San Diego-Al Critchett-Antonio Cromartie-CB-FSU
(actual pick: Cromartie)

20. Kansas City-Bob Hansen-Mathias Kiwanuka-DE-Boston College
(actual pick: Tama Hali)
21-New England-Chris Johnson-Deangelo Williams-RB-Memphis
(actual pick: Laurence Maroney)
22-San Franciso-Robert Roisum-Jonathon Joseph-CB-South Carolina
(actual pick: Manny Lawson)
23-Tampa Bay-Doug Coughlin-Ashton Youboty-CB-Ohio State
(actual pick: Davin Joseph)
24-Cincinnati-Paul Stricker-Kamerion Wimbley-DE-FSU
(actual pick: Jonathan Joseph)
25-New York Giants-Scott Meyer-Donte Whitner-S-Ohio State
(actual pick: Pittsburgh-Santonio Holmes)
26-Chicago-Jamie Olson-Dominique Byrd*-TE-USC (Suke picked Mercedes Lewis-TE-UCLA using his veto power)
(actual pick: Buffalo-John McCargo)
27-Carolina-Scott Johnson-Laurence Maroney-RB-Minnesota
(actual pick: Deangelo Williams)
28-Jacksonville-Ben Hitchcock-Darnell Bing-DB-USC* (DeMeco Ryans-OLB-Alabama *Vetoed by Suke)
(actual pick: Marcedes Lewis)
29-New York Jets-Kevin Olson-Nick Mangold-C-Ohio State
(actual pick: Mangold)
30-Indianapolis-Chris Simpson-LenDale White-RB-USC
(actual pick: Joseph Addai)
31-Seattle-Barry Organ-Tye Hill-CB-Clemson
(actual pick: Kelly Jennings)
32-Pittsburgh-Bill Lasseter-Richard Marshall-DB-Fresno State
(actual pick: Pittsburgh-Mathias Kiwanuka)


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Chris Snethen said...

For the love of all that is holy, please don't send Vince Young to my Arizona Cardinals. Two words, my friends, Winston Justice.

At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Chris Snethen said...

Jay Cutler??????

You just set my franchise back another generation. What they need is an o-line to block for Edge (who let's face it, will blow his knee out in the first pre-season game) and give Navarre time to make a throw. What they don't need is Tim Couch.

At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Broderick Bunkley will bust in the NFL. The next in a line of Dline busts.

At 8:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, this mock draft sucked!!!


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