Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday, Monday, Michael Michaels, and on and on.....

Reggie Bush was just on ESPN News saying he is "absolutely 100 percent not concerned" about any wrongdoings with the house his parents had been living in. He also went on to say there is
"nothing to hide" and the truth will come out and show there was nothing wrong or illegal about the situation.

Ok, so we can hold off in engraving the Pac-10 Championship rings for the 2005 Oregon Ducks, at least for now.

Bring Back Trader Bob
So how about that Bob Whitsitt? More and more I am getting word from various sources around the NBA that Bob Whitsitt either has a group ready to go, or is real close, to make a serious bid to buy the Blazers and the Rose Garden. What would Blazer fans think of that situation? For one, the team may be one step closer to winning again.
Some things to keep in mind when you begin bashing "Trader Bob:"

1) 17 Years as GM/President in the NBA-his teams made the playoffs 16 times, and the other season the team was 41-41. Looks pretty good right now after 27 and 21 win seasons.
2) The team already had trouble before he got to Portland-remember Salt Lake City-rape allegations and the young girls?
3) Before he came to Portland, the Blazers already had the second highest payroll in the NBA. Since leaving, the new group of management has spent (some say wasted) huge dollars on Theo Ratliff, Darius Miles and Zach Randolph. In other words, Whitsitt isn't the only guy spending big money today or yesterday in the NBA. The current team is 12th in payroll, not too good for the worst team in the league on the floor.

Whitsitt told Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen earlier this year, in regards to trying to own an NBA team someday, "That's something I've always had a strong desire to do before my career is over. That would be the natural next step for me, and I think I could bring a lot to the table from an ownership level.
"Have I talked to people about that? Yes, I have. Would I be very open to something like that? Yes, I would.
"I know enough people that we could put something together at the right time. But it has to be the right team, the right sport and the finances have to make sense because of the economics of some of these teams and how much they lose."

The downside is the 20 or so legal issues the team had during his tenure. But wouldn't you trade a couple of legal woes for a trip back to the postseason?
Bring back Trader Bob I say!

Finally.....from the different strokes for different folks file:'s Kelly Dwyer gives grades to the NBA's local television teams, and Mike Barrett and Mike Rice were in the bottom third of the league with a C+. Ok, his opinion, which I disagree with. But then when I saw he preferred Hot Rod Hundley over Craig Bolerjack, and gave Steve Jones an A, I realized this guy's opinion is really different than mine. He also gave some praise to Craig Ehlo. WHAT??!!!???! The thing about broadcasting is everyone's taste differs, but in the case of Barrett, I have said it before and will say it again-he is a real pro, his delivery is mellow and on an even keel (especially compared to Brian Wheeler) but a real easy listen. Rice is great. I listened to Ron Boone for years in Salt Lake, and I know what a bad commentator sounds like (by the way, Dwyer likes Boone-shocking!). Rice sees things you and I don't, he is well prepared, and both he and Rice do a good job overall. Are they schills for the team? YES! But they get paid by the team, so what do you expect. To read more, here you go...

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At 1:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, who saw Ian "Furball" Furness on Fox 12 last night? A little hair gel & some makeup and Ian cleaned up pretty nicely for TV. :)
David T.

At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I said it two or three months ago on this site to "Bring Back Whitsitt". I also said that the giving up of the Rose Garden was going to become a huge problem, although I didn't realize it would get this bad so soon. I have always preferred Whitsitt over the piece crap Patterson and his 25 point promise and John Nash and is inability to do anything. Bob Whitsitt merely played with the hand he was dealt and since he made the playoffs every year during his tenure I think you would have to consider him a success. Paul Allen wanted to win a championship and Bob assembled what was long c

At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Ben E. said...

I don't want Bob back, not at all. He is a terrible Business man. Look at each team he had, what he had when he got there, and what they had when he left. Each team was WORSE off after Bob was there, both player-fan-and cap wise. He isn't a good business man. As for the Utah issue, that was cleared rather quickly, and had no lasting effects at all. Bringing that up is pointless.

If Bob is going to own a team, he needs to get the confidence of the people. He has left a bad taste in a lot of fans minds. He has to show he has learned from past mistakes, and has learned to adapt and alter his way of thinking. That, and not interfere with the Coach. He needs to have realized working WITH the Coach to put a team together, is smarter and wiser then just having him do what he wants.

If Bob does buy this team, he could be in for a serious backlash, and I wouldn't be surprised if some season ticket holders left.

He had better have done some serious growing, if the plans on getting this team. I for one, would NOT trade some down time, for the playoffs. Not when Trade Bob is involved.

At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't Trader Bob likely the one who orchestrated the wonderful Rose Garden lease option that ultimately lead the financial instability of the franchise?

Isn't he likey the main reason why the city became dissatisfied with the franchise after all of the off the court issues?

Have you been taking your meds?

At 3:10 PM, Anonymous Chris Snethen said...

It turns out Trader Bob was never the problem in Portland. He was just a public face for Paul Allen. Just like Glickman before him and Patterson now. All the same stunts are being pulled today as they were under Whitsitt. Players, front office, indifference to fans. You name it. It all comes from the top.

Whitsitt would be a good owner. Especially without Paul directing his every move.

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Chris Snethen said...

Isn't Trader Bob likely the one who orchestrated the wonderful Rose Garden lease option that ultimately lead the financial instability of the franchise?

That was before Whitsitt's time. Instead you can blame Paul's dot-com era financial advisors who couldn't think 30 days down the line, let alone 30 years.

At 7:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whitsitt is not putting together a group to buy the Blazers. This is false information and spreading this inaccurate information only hurts the people's credibility who write it.


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