Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday March 23rd

First, and most important, thanks to the folks at The March of Dimes. For the third year, I was honored to be their MC for the annual luncheon to kickoff the Walk America fundraiser. One in 10 kids is born premature. For more info, contact

Colin's battle vs. Michigan Bloggers.
Here is what the e-mail we received was referring to:

Short show today, if you missed it yesterday, we debated whether or not Gonzaga, and even Washington, are "elite" teams in college basketball. Whatever side of the fence you are on, I think in the end, the question is "Why does it matter?"


If you are that "elite" team, then you are able to at least get a second look, or even have the phone answered, by the top recruits in the country. According to recruiting web site, the top recruiting classes for the early signing period are:

1. North Carolina
2. Ohio State -
3. Connecticut -
4. Oklahoma -
5. Texas -
6. Louisville -
7. Georgia Tech-
8. Washington -
9. Stanford -
10. Georgetown -
11. Kentucky -

Duke is 13, and suprisingly, UCLA is not in the top 25. Of course it is a partial list, and features the early signees, but no sign of Gonzaga. Their top recruit, Matt Bouldin, is #45 in the country.

Finally, I thought this guy was a moron last year when I hosted the Clark County Cougar Club fundraiser, and I may have been right:


At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Chris Snethen said...

UCLA will quickly catch up next year when they sign Love and Singler. As for Gonzaga, I don't think they've had a top-50 recruiting year during this current run. For them it's all about pounding through their conference and flaming in the tourney.


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