Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday.... bad day to be in the WCC, or my buddy Colin!

While Gonzaga fans lament the loss to UCLA last night, at least they got there. That must be the feeling from The Bluff where University of Portland Michael Holton was fired today. Technically, he "departed." Here is the release:

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The University of Portland announced Friday the
departure of head men's basketball coach Michael Holton.
University athletics director Larry Williams said that he had expressed
to Holton the University's gratitude for the leadership that Holton
brought to the team during the past five seasons.
"Coach Holton is a man of great character and integrity and it has been
my pleasure to work with him," Williams said. "He is an extremely
talented human being and it is hard for me to see him go. We all offer
him our sincere best wishes for the future."
Holton's record at the University was 54-91 in five seasons, including
20-50 in the West Coast Conference.

We had Larry Williams on today. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him, and part of me loves the fact that the school wants to get better. But this has to be one of the worst jobs in the WCC. It is a small conference, with small private schools, that mostly play in gymnasiums as opposed to real arenas, one team dominates, and you are number three in your own state, and really, probably fifth in your main recruiting area of Oregon and SW Washington. It is a tough job. My point-what do you expect? Admission standards are tough, the JC route doesn't really fit into what the administration wants, and if Pepperdine can't win consistently while recruiting kids to go to school in Malibu, how do you expect a coach in Portland to bring kids to the rain?

Women's soccer wins, is great, and has tradition. But that came from a great soccer coach and legend in Clive Charles, in a city where soccer is very popular. It is different in basketball, for whatever reason.

I am not objective because I like Michael. I think he did OK, but after our interview with Larry Williams I was told by someone close to Holton that he had a 100% graduation rate. If that is true, now was not the time to fire one of our class acts in this city.

Colin isn't popular in the blogger world, but more importantly Michael Wilbon is a hypocrite:
First, Colin Cowherd is the most talented person I have ever met in this business. You can decide what side to take in the battle of the bloggers vs. Colin. But Check this out from the Burnt Orange Nation.

I love that Wilbon goes after Sports Radio. Yeah we are negative, cynical, and outright intolerable at times. But we are also used to being beaten down by the "traditional" sports media. Actually, it is mostly just the print media who go down this road. Most of the time, it is the print guy who doesn't do anything else except write because he doesn't have the talent, voice or abilty to go on television or radio. But of course Wilbon does much more. Specifically he does "radio on tv" with the PTI show. Without sports radio, shows like that would never have been developed for television. The PTI show IS sports radio-it just happens to be on television.

Have a great weekend, thank you and goodbye.


At 10:19 PM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

I didn't get the memo that Washington state athletic programs, whether it be college or pro, would have to play with one hand tied behind their backs in tournament or playoff action.

Here is to the worst 48 hours in my sports fan life. Pour a little beer for Brandon and Adam this weekend.

And one big FU to the refs in the UW UCONN game. Think they had action on the favorite?

At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Andrew said...

I didn't really like Colin when he was a local radio guy and haven't noticed much of a change when I've listened since he went to ESPN.

While he may be proficient at spontaneous ranting, I found most of his analysis to be superficial at best and often logically inconsistent.


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