Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend Fun-Blazers, Ducks and more....

Love this billboard from a radio station in Seattle! I know, I know, let it go, but still this is clever marketing.

And.... not to be out done, check out this link from our ace Program Director Dennis Glasgow who was hard at work looking for new ways to promote the station this weekend.

By the way.... his e-mail is: for your thoughts and concerns regarding everything about the radio station with the exception of Primetime with Big Suke and I-since he LOVES the show and thinks we can do no wrong!

Response to Blazer comments: There seems to be this great misconception that the Blazers played "better" without Darius Miles.
Ok, lets look at it. With Miles in the lineup, the Blazers are 6-11 overall, a .352 winning percentage. From December 4th through February 12th when Miles was out for his surgery, the Blazers were 12-22. That is a .352 winning percentage. Better? By what standards? Overall this season they are at 18-33, .3529 or round it up to .353. So how are they "better?"Are they better because he is a bad practice player? How does anyone know that is really true? We in the media can only watch the final few minutes of practice, fans can't watch any of practice, so only Nate and his staff can really judge Miles affect in practice. The "rumors" are that Nate doesn't like Darius-he isn't a "Nate kind of player." OK, probably true. But there are also the same rumors regarding his 5'10 "star of the future" point guard who is now #3 on the depth chart and his "star" power forward. OK, lets assume that is all true. What are you left with? Trade them all? You can not bank on re-building through cap space that allows you to sign free agents. ATLANTA anyone? They still have cap space following the offseason-and they have ZERO! Ok, they aren't done trading if they move Theo and Darius to New York. That is because they will automatically move Ruben, right? Just like they have been able to move him the past three years when they have wanted to, right?
Really, I hope they make some moves, I really do. I don't want them to stand pat, I want to see an effort to get better through something other than the draft (which so far they haven't had success with) and by signing second tier free agents (Blake and Dixon). I just don't think by moving Theo and Darius helps them, until the 2007 offseason, as I stated below. By the way Blazer fans-under that plan, you are looking at a minimum of a four year playoff drought-and maybe more. Is that what you really want? CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, THIS RE-BUILDING PROJECT IS NOW IN IT'S THIRD SEASON. And does anyone really think Nate was told that he wouldn't have a playoff caliber team until his third or fourth year of a five year deal?
Note to Buddy Jay: yes the number you are looking at is around $50 million, give or take a million.

Mac Court Musings....Since Monday is an off-day for many, including me but not including my wife so I will be busy with Mr. Mom duties, here are some thoughts and things to keep us going for a couple of days...

*I went to Mac Court yesterday to see what could be Ernie Kent's final home game, although I really get the feeling from being down there that he will be given one more year with Brooks a senior, and Malik, Champ Oguchi, Luenen and Taylor coming back for their junior years. It is a group that has talent, but will they ever been as good as exepected under Ernie?

*Ivan Johnson and Ernie Kent will never get along. The Big Man sat the entire game, with his homemade warm up shirt paying tribute to the two seniors never coming off. None of us know what kind of teammate he is, but judging from the crude, yet creative shirt he had one with the pictures and names of Lincoln and Short, I think this guy can't be all bad like he is made out to be by the head coach.

*How can a Division One college team makeonly three field goals in an entire half, as WSU did in the first half yesterday? Ernie said it was great defense. It was, partly. They stayed away from the zone and went man for the most part, and WSU couldn't handle the athleticism at the defensive end. But the Cougs also missed at least six shots in tight that MOST college players make about 75% of the time.

*Malik took 17 shots and had a quality touch in 5 of the first 6 Oregon offensive possessions. Even though he was 0-2 and had two turnovers then, he was involved in the offensive early, and that set the tone for his game the rest of the way.

*Dick Bennett basically said he was going to step down at the end of the season. He made parting comment about "this game is for young men so I think it is time for some younger men to take over" in reference to his son, Tony, the team's Associate Head Coach.

*Finally, the BEST thing about the old basketball building in Eugene has to be below:


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