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Wednesday-Back to work, sort of.. 3-5 at New Phoenix Casino

Some hoops talk below regarding Sebastian Telfair movie....just what he needs! But first, it is National Championship day today!

THE Game with Texas and USC
I talk sports for a living, but too much talk. Who is getting respect, who is getting disrespected, what team shows a lack of respect for the other, historical implications, how would USC do against the other "great" past national champions? Damn. Who really knows? Who really cares.
Bottom line-tonight it WILL be decided. Everyone wants a playoff, it won't happen. But think about this. These two teams are the consensus picks to be 1 and 2 from the start of the season. It is the matchup everyone wanted to see, yet, if we DID have a playoff, this much anticipated playoff may not have actually happened. One or the other could have been upset in a playoff game. Instead, we get the game that the nation is wanting to see. So sit back, enjoy it, and know this-it is made even more special because it is being played in a true National Championship setting-the Rose Bowl. Not the Nokia/Tostitos/Pepsi/Budweiser or any other sponsor named first Rose Bowl. But it is the Rose Bowl. Simple as that. There won't be any garbage during halftime-just the bands going toe to toe much like the teams. The Rose Bowl does have a presenting sponsor, but that is it. It is the one game that is at least somewhat removed from the corportate nonsense that surrounds other bowl games and even other major events. Who will win?
I don't know. But I THINK USC will win, and as a Pac-10 fan, I HOPE USC wins as well. Enjoy.

I thought "nobody cared" about the other BCS games not named the Rose Bowl
Check out these numbers. Impessive to say the least:
ABC earned a 9.3 overnight Nielsen rating for the Sugar Bowl last night, featuring West Virginia-Georgia, up 9.4% from an 8.5 for the comparable Fiesta Bowl featuring Utah-Pittsburgh last year. The network drew a 13.6 overnight for the Fiesta Bowl, featuring Ohio State-Notre Dame, from 5:00-8:30pm ET yesterday, up 4.6% from a 13.0 for the comparable Rose Bowl featuring Texas-Michigan last year. ABC earned a 5.4 overnight for the Wisconsin-Auburn Capital One Bowl from 1:00-4:30pm, down 1.8% from a 5.5 for the comparable Iowa-LSU Capital One Bowl last year
The other thing there is the number for Notre Dame vs. Ohio State. Big name programs with a lot of history draw big time television numbers.

RATINGS: The Rose Bowl has drawn the highest average Nielsen ratings over the past 17 years for any post-season college football game with a 14.3, earning a 14.0 when the game does not have national title implications. The FedEx Orange Bowl is the next highest bowl during that span, earning a 12.6 average. The ratings for the Orange and Nokia Sugar bowls both fall below a 10.0 when the games do not involve the national championship, while the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl averages an 8.1 rating.

But can he play??????? The Sebastian Telfair story hits the big screen.
The following is from the Sports Business Daily-more exposure for the Blazers point guard. I guess the key here is someone thinks there is an audience for this type of project, but from a basketball standpoint, there are still a lot of questions. Never has a sub-six foot point guard had consistent success to the level of being an all-star or even an above average NBA starter with the same team that drafted him. Will Telfair be the first, or just another Arthur Agee or William Gates and the books, movie and television exposure be just the 90's version of "Hoop Dreams?"
ESPN for the first time has “landed a theatrical release for one of its properties” — “Through the Fire,” which documents the prep basketball career of Trail Blazers G Sebastian Telfair -– “in advance of its TV premiere on the network,” according to John Dempsey of DAILY VARIETY. Cinema Libre will distribute the movie beginning in N.Y. on February 10, “rolling it out to selective urban markets.” EOE Senior VP/Development Ron Wechsler said that if the film “captures an audience,” it “could stay in these theaters beyond March 12, when it will premiere on the net.” Dempsey notes that on March 14, ESPN sister company Buena Vista Home Entertainment will release “Through the Fire” on DVD and video. N.Y. is the first city on Cinema Libre’s distribution list “because the movie focuses on Brooklyn-born Telfair during his final year of high school.” “Through the Fire” Dir Jonathan Hock, who did Imax’ “Michael Jordan to the Max,” has worked for ESPN on such shows as “Streetball”


At 9:29 PM, Anonymous Zach said...

The real question, was USC's defense that bad, or was Vince Young that good?

At 10:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Never has a sub-six foot point guard had consistent success to the level of being an all-star or even an above average NBA starter with the same team that drafted him."

What about Allen Iverson? Sure, he's not a pure point guard, but he sure isn't 6 feet tall either...

And what about Damon Stoudamire? He earned ROY honors with the team that drafted him...

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps you've done this, but can you post in your blog what the matchups in college football would have been using the pre-BCS traditional pairings. I think the Rose would have been USC and Penn State.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

Iverson is 6'.

Did anybody else see that arrogance beat USC and not Texas? They did their typical first half sleep job, and then Pete Carroll mismanaged time outs and took unnecessary risks. And that was without mentioning the arrogant decision by Bush to latteral the ball after a great run. They never take anyone seriously, and this time with the help of the review booth, it bit them in the ass.

I thought the FSU PSU game was much more entertaining, more intense, and had harder hitting.

PS, where was the hit that made Matt Leinart whooosy? If he wasn't everybody's golden boy, his toughness may be questioned more.

At 12:59 PM, Anonymous zach said...

I don't think it was arrogance that beat USC, but USC's complete inability to have their defensive ends be able to sit down and contain Vince Young. Every single play, both d ends would over pursue up the field, and Young would torch the SC defense for a good ten yards. The defense just could not outside contain, it was almost ridiculous how bad they were. So much for the thought that Pete Carrol could stop anyone defensively if given a month.

At 8:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed...USC's containment on the ends was (to quote Bill Walton) WHOOOORRRRRRIBLE. USC's defense lost the game.


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