Sunday, January 29, 2006

Monday, Monday.... Nate returns to Seattle? But will anyone care?

I will be at Key Arena in Seattle Monday night for Nate McMillan's first game back in Seattle as a member of the opposing team. It should be interesting to see the reaction, or if there is any for this game, since I will assume everything in Seattle will be about the Seahawks. Amazing how things change. When the schedule first came out, this was a game that was circled on the calendar. But now, I wonder if there are any columnists or sports talk hosts in town to even write a story on Nate's homecoming. We will find out Monday. Tune in from 3-7 on 1080 The Fan.

Behind the Curtain at the OSA Green Room
Great job by the Portland Tribune, Sports One, Nike and KATU on the 2005 Oregon Sports Awards. Steve Lyons added quite a bit to the program, and the cast of presenters and guests was impressive. From Terry Porter, The Oregon Football Coaches named Mike (Bellotti/Riley), Richie Sexson, Jim Paxson, Tiffeny Milbrett, Justin Gatlin, Marla Runyan, Dave Johnson, Tim Walsh, Bill Swancutt, Tinker Hatfield and others, it was great to do a special show from 5-6:30 there and also a tremendous honor to be able to be an awards presenter for the second year. Some thoughts "behind the curtain in the Green Room":
Richie Sexson: cool guy, funny and genuine. He was the Green Room "captain" or in other words the guy in charge of the tv remotes. Seriously, a real good guy who unlike the two Blazer players who were there last year bitching and moaning about being there on a Sunday night, he was happy to be there and was taking the time to talk to some of the OSU baseball players which was a nice touch.
Tiffeney Milbrett: Not only one of the best women soccer players EVER, she is a class act and a lot of fun. She may have been the most decorated athlete in the room, but she was the one meeting everyone and starting the conversations. For example, she was picking Mike Bellotti's brain about spring football practice and offseason workouts. I thought she was class act.
Mike Riley: All you need to know about who he is as a person is that he was so proud to be able to bring his daughter with him to the event. He told me how excited he was to be able to drive to the OSA with her and get to actually spend some quality time with her during this busy recruiting time, even if it was in the car. The more I talk to him, the more I understand why he is able to recruit so effectively. (*note: Some of Coach Bellotti's kids were there too).

More on Monday's show and you can also hear our interviews from Sunday night on


At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Jeff said...

I missed it on the show last night...what was the deal with Kevin Love at the awards?

Sounds like things are going to his head already...that's a bad spot to be in at such a young age. He hasn't truly proven himself or earned a dime yet....

At 9:17 PM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

Telfair is terrible!

Yes, he is. No, he won't be great some day like the media and so many fans like to say when they evaluate Telfair.

Folks, he may hit a wide open three pointer from game to game, but a point guard's bread and butter is the elbow 16' jumper. He cannot find this range, whether he tries an embarrassing floater or a traditional side iron jumper.

This season he has shown no signs of getting better. Last season you could see flashes of brilliance in his passes, but where have those fleeting moments been this year?

Fact is he is on the court and on the team because management picked him 11th in the draft, that simple.

Wake up, Telfair is a horrible prospect that you want off the team as soon as possible.

At 9:47 PM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

Kevin from miscellaneousville, Or, called the post game report tonight and stated, "Telfair is in the TOP 20 of ALL TIME in terms of court vision and delivering a pass."

This is what I am talking about. Where do comments like this come from? Can someone please argue with me so that I might learn a little more about what goes into a Telfair fan.

At 1:39 PM, Blogger Michael Namba said...


Afraid I can't argue with you my friend, I think Telfair is probably the most overrated point guard in the history of the game. I cannot remember anyone coming out with so much fanfare and being such a waste of a roster spot except maybe Lloyd "Sweet Pea" Daniels.

When He was drafted there was a big stink about Adidas spendig alot of money on a luxury suite or something, was there ever any proof of that? (seeing how Telfair is an Adidas guy.)

I'll take a 3 guard rotation of Jack, Dixon and Blake any day. Substance will always win over flash.


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