Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to work on Wednesday..... Stay tuned....

Thanks to all who posted the comments during the past couple of weeks. While on "vacation" I actually tried to take a few days away from sports radio, and sports in general. Thus, no updates on the blog. Vacation should mean vacation, although like many of you, I still found myself checking e-mails everyday, answering calls from the office, talking to people around the world of sports and sports media, but I drew the line with updating the blog. I did do another freelance project that you may have seen on ESPN-the "without sports" animated spot where the Bills "win" and then the Bills "lose" at the end.
But why no blog updates? When I do update it, I usually spend quite a bit of time, and frankly, I was burned out with sports and sports radio at the end of the year. So end result-no updates. Thanks to Buddy Jay for keeping the conversation going. You and I don't usually agree, but you "get it" in terms of what sports radio is all about. Opinions, thoughts, passion, and entertainment.

To be honest, when I did actually want to post, I was on the road with the Ducks in San Diego, and I haven't made the big investment in a laptop computer. This was only our second real road trip, the first with the actual show-see today's Tribune:
1080 AM the Fan is finally acting like a real all-sports station. Sending Ian and Big Suke to San Diego was a smart move, as was pre-empting national programming and putting Gavin Dawson on the air Friday morning for a wrap-up show.

I should thank Dwight because he is right-it is the first time since I have been at this station that there was a solid commitment to travel. It has been embarassing in the past to stay home during Blazer playoff games (remember those?) or OSU and UO bowl games, but program director Glasgow understands how important it is for the flagship show of the only all-sports station to be at the big events so off we went. The Holiday Bowl news conference with Stoops and Bellotti was the largest ever in terms of media turnout, and I am glad we were there-despite the long trip-arriving at a very average Holiday Inn (think Rockford Files: circa 1977 Southern Cal and you will know where we stayed) at 3:30 AM, and having tons of technical issues. But in the end, after meeting so many Duck fans in San Diego, being there was worthwhile. Thoughts on the game, and all of the negative comments regarding the Ducks performance, coming tomorrow here and on the show. We will be live at the New Phoenix Casino in LaCenter from 3PM through the BCS Championship Game-and someone will win a trip to the "super big game in Detroit" which is code for the NFL game in Detroit the first Sunday in February that determines who is the champion of the National Football League. Hopefully all of that keeps the station, casino and me off the NFL's hit list. But come on by, check it out, and we will see you tomorrow in LaCenter.

Thank you and goodbye.


At 3:01 AM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

My thoughts on the BIG GAME:
The coaching staff embarrassed Oregon and the Pac 10. Yes, sorry for the negativity, but it's true. Flea Flicker from your own end zone, gimic plays, couldn't settle on a QB when the game was to be had. They fought themselves when they were the best team.

The coaching staff sucked! I bet Jayson Suckacanic has the truth to say, I am sure he saw how bad the offensive CO played it. We shall see.

At 3:02 AM, Blogger BuddyJay said...

PS, My NOLES showed up and said they are for real in 2006.


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