Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wednesday-Oregon Food Bank food drive-Live at Lake Oswego GI Joe's 3-7 PM

Join us today as we celebrate the final day of our 10 Days of Christmas promotion. We are asking our listeners to stop by, bring a small donation (three or more items) for the Oregon Food Bank, and you can be entered to win our grand prize in the 10 Days of Christmas ( The prize includes a Tivo for Dad with three months of service included, Salon Nyla treatment for mom, Playstation2 for the kids, and a luxury suite for a Blazers game. Last year we overflowed two big Oregon Food Bank bins. We want to double that this year. To make it even better, the Blazers and WinterHawks have donated tickets to giveaway, and Blaze will be there from 5-6 to meet the kids. Stop by, say hi, make a donation and while supplies last (we will have some each hour to giveaway) we will have some tickets to give you.

Now, to the hot topic of the day.....

Zach Randolph-Nash says no to trade talk and The "another way to look at Z-Bo's struggles"....
First of all, great story and related column by Jason Quick and John Canzano in today's Oregonian regarding Zach Randolph. Once again Quick is all over the Blazers beat, better than most beat writers in the country are with their teams. But isn't it a little too soon to go down the "Zach must go" road again? Yes, he is not the best at telling time and at times appears to be selfish. The story Quick wrote about though was based on Nate not being a fan of Randolph. If your new coach in the first year of his contract isn't happy with the cornerstone of the franchise, the player will probably be gone before the coach. But while they can't describle the intangibles, the actual hard numbers surrounding Randolph are staggering.....

First, this is a guy who came into the year averaging 19.5 ppg and 10.05 rebounds per game as a starter in the NBA. He was also shooting .471 from the field during those two years.
This year, Randolph is averaging 17.3 ppg, 8.8 rpg, and is shooting .440 from the field. But a closer look at the numbers, by splitting them up in two simple categories, reveals more. Those categories are called WITH MILES and WITHOUT MILES.

WITH MILES: 18.2ppg, 9.26 rpg, 49.5 FG%.
WITHOUT MILES: 14.4 ppg, 7.4 rpg, and 37% FG%

The Blazers are 29th in 3pt field goal percentage and 21st in overall field goal percentage. They have one true legitimate low post scorer, Zach, and really nobody who has an ability to stretch a defense with perimeter offense, or without Miles, nobody who can break down a defense and slash to the basket. The end result, teams can double team Randolph and pack it in defensively against Portland more than ever before.

Final numbers to "geek out" with: Without Miles on the floor, the Blazers are getting outscored by an average of more than 17 points per 48 minutes. The second most important player for the Blazers in that statistic is Randolph- the Blazers re -14.8 without him.

Finally, I contacted John Nash as well today and he said, "We are not trying to trade Zach." He said to clarify what Canzano had in his blog, what he meant to say, but was too brief in his response, is "IF" they were trying to trade Randolph, which again (see above) they are not, they would want a high level player in return.

Hurrican Dennis heading to San Diego State?
This story will not make all of the members of Beaver Nation who want Dennis back in Corvallis happy.
But keep in mind Erickson coming back to Oregon State wasn't going to happen. There is no way OSU could afford to buy out Mike Riley's contract. Oh, and that other little thing about how Riley may not be as bad as many frustrated Beaver fans believe. Remember Beaver Nation, you are still Oregon State! Contrary to popular belief among thosw wearing orange and black every day of the year, not just Halloween, Oregon State is not USC, Miami, or Texas.