Monday, December 12, 2005

Mondays BLOW! But here goes anyway......

Artest to Portland?
Ron Artest wants out of Indiana. Ruben Patterson wants out of Portland. A trade with their contracts works financially. Would you want to see the Blazers do it? Artest is not a good guy, and may be emotionally unstable. But Ruben? "Come on man." Why Not?
Ruben says he is a lock-down defender. Artest actually is. And the bi-polar one from the Pacers is a former NBA Defensive Player of the Year. He is also a former NBA All-Star. Of course he is a former POY and former All-Star because he only played in 7 games last year.
Here is why you may want to do it. The Blazers are more dependent on selling tickets than most other NBA teams. They aren’t selling a lot of tickets. How do you sell tickets? Well, one thing has been established: You don’t do it with so-called "good guys."These good guys that you started to bring aboard on December 3rd 2003 when you traded Bonzi Wells are putting less than 10,000 butts in the seats every night.
More importantly, how do you get better if you are the Blazers? You can’t sign big-name free agents. So there are two ways:
You hope your young players develop.
Acquire better players through trades.
What happens if Joel Przybilla decides to go where the money is at the end of this season. Say, Chicago where the Bulls will have money to spend. Say Chicago where it is close to home for his wife. Does it really make sense to sign a mid-level exception for a center who could get twice that amount on the open market? In other words, the Blazers could actually be WORSE next year.
So really, what are the reasons for not making a trade to bring Artest here and send Ruben packing?

Portland's Seahawks?
The Seahawks are 11-2, on the verge of clinching home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and the question here in Portland is: ARE THEY YOUR TEAM?
*The Mariners claim about 10-12% of their fans come from the Portland/Vancouver/SW Washington area. The television and radio numbers for the Mariners here are great.
But that is baseball….. What about football? In the past, when they have not been good, people here complained when a Seahawk game was on television.
What about now? Do you consider yourself a fan of the Seahawks?