Sunday, December 04, 2005

BCS Bowling or not...... the decision is-----

Not good for Oregon. What was expected to happen did after Virginia Tech and LSU got upset in their Conference Championship games. Ohio State is #4 in the BCS Poll and in: This from the official BCS web site:
After application of the previous provisions, if any at-large slots remain unfilled and the team ranked either three or four is from the Atlantic Coast, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pacific-10, or Southeastern Conference but is not its representative, that team shall automatically fill one at-large slot and shall be selected to play in one of the BCS bowls.

*one other note, Notre Dame is also automatically in because of the clause that allows independent teams and teams from non-BCS conferences to guranteed a berth as long as they are in the top six of the final BCS standings. So Oregon had no chance.

So many problems with this system, where to start. How about a place nobody has spoken about just yet. The automatic qualification standards set up by the BCS in regards to conference championship games. This is where the Pac-10 will ALWAYS be at a disadvantage. Because in this conference, along with the Big 10, you get ONE chance, and only one to win your conference title. You can't back in like teams such as Florida State did with four losses, and without the other requirement that at-large teams face: nine wins. FSU wasn't even ranked in the Top 25 before their win on Saturday night, over a reeling Virginia Tech team. Now they play in the BCS against a very, very good Penn State team. We have the same situation as last year in the Fiesta when an undeserving Pittsburgh team got whacked by a Utah team who should have had the chance to play someone much, much better. How good is Penn State? Who knows? Certainly we the college football fans won't get to find out because Paterno's boys will play a four loss team in a BCS Bowl game.

Who to blame? Not Tom Hansen the Pac-10 Commissioner. Not Bill Moos or even the Fiesta Bowl people. Who do you blame? Simple, the Pac-10 Presidents. These academic snobs will NEVER allow a conference championship game or the expansion needed for the conference to be split into two divisions.

As to those who say JUST GO OUT AND BEAT USC? Well, nobody else has done it in the last two and a half seasons. The last two teams to beat the Trojans are both from the Pac-10, in conference games, in a league that is supposed to be below average compared to the other BCS conferences. The only team from a BCS conference other than the Pac-10 to beat the Trojans since Pete Carroll arrived in Los Angeles is Kansas State. Notre Dame also beat the Trojans Carroll's first year, but hasn't won since.

How do you fix the problem? You can't. But some rough ideas off the top of my head to help could be:
1) Nine wins should be a minimum requirement for a BCS Bowl. That way even if there is an upset in a conference championship game, it would not matter. That would open the door for more deserving teams.
2) Minimum requirement of a Top 10 BCS Standings finish to participate in a BCS Bowl for ALL teams, not just top 12 for at-large teams. West Virginia and Florida State would be out. Oregon, Auburn, and Miami would have a chance to be in.
3) Eleminate the gurantee for a top four finish in the final BCS poll. That way the bowls themselves have to decide who is worthy, and who isn't.

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