Monday, November 21, 2005

BCS Breakdown and Ruben breaks down and is now out! Monday Primetime

The new BCS poll is out, and Oregon is now 7th, up three spots, and for all of you who hate the computers, the software must like the new uniforms because the computers have the Ducks 6th. There seems to be a million ways to actually say who belongs in the BCS, and who deserves to be on the outside looking in. If you go head to head statistically, as objective as you can be, the two match up pretty well. And just for "fun" I threw Notre Dame's numbers in there as well.

Stat Oregon OSU ND
Total Offense 15 38 10
Scoring Offense 10 26 7
Total defense 46 5 67
Scoring Defense 44 7 37
Rushing Offense 70 28 58
Passing Offense 6 69 4
Rushing Defense 41 1 39
Pass Defense 70 37 92
Pass Efficiency Def. 30 36 37
Turnover Margin 12 93 13

Based on all of the above, OSU is better, statistically speaking, in five categories, while the Ducks rank higher in five categories. My WSU math tells me it is a push.
If you include the three key special teams’ stats, Net Punting along with Kickoff and Punt Returns, then Oregon has the edge (2-1). But keep one thing in mind, when the BCS was set up in 1998, the goal was allow the "haves" greater opportunity to make more money, and one of those "haves" is Notre Dame. Notre Dame makes money, and lots of it, for both bowl games and television.
One other note, if and when Oregon is NOT chosen, it is not a 14-15 million dollar payday they are missing. The second team from a conference receiving a BCS bid receives $4.5 million.
But I think, as a Pac-10 apologist, that the conference where the two-time defending national champion comes from, that has a one loss team to that defending national champion, does derserve to go BCS bowling. For every point that says Ohio State deserves to be there over Oregon, there is a counterpoint. So it will come down to who the bowl committee decides they want more. Maybe this is one time where the final intangible will be the NIKE connection.

Ruben sent home: It was only a matter of time, but it finally happened. Following a confrontation with Nate McMillan during the game in New York yesterday, Ruben Patterson was the subject of some swift action by the Blazers. Here is the official statement:

"Ruben Patterson has been placed on the inactive list and sent home to
Portland for the rest of this road trip for his behavior both on and off
the court.
We will not tolerate this type of behavior from any player. We will
continue to demand a higher level of professionalism and personal
responsibility from all of our players or we will continue to take
appropriate action."

Do remember this, when everyone is calling for the Blazers to trade Patterson, who has been downright negative this season, beginning in the preseason, he is a hard guy to trade. He has an "escalator" clause in his contract which means his deal goes up significantly if he were to be traded. He is about a $7 million dollar a year guy right now. If he is traded, that number goes up even higher. The point being he is a very, very hard guy to trade, although the new collective bargaining agreement allows trades to be within a higher percentage than in the past.