Monday, November 07, 2005

Primetime Monday, November 7th, 3-6 PM

BCS and Oregon explained below-and it isn't good news for the Ducks. Also some Blazer thoughts too..... as UFC Super Ref Big John McCarthy says "lets get it on".......

*NEW* At 6:00-Some thoughts on U of P Soccer getting screwed and why the NCAA continues to be a disgrace are added below.....I know Women's soccer isn't always a hot topic for many of you, but check this out because for those who think a playoff system is always the best way to go, even when there is a national championship, there isn't any reason to believe the NCAA will do it right.

Lots of things to discuss today, on and off the air. Join us for our weekly visit with Sean Salisbury talking all things football, including some very strong opinions regarding T.O. We spoke to Sean earlier in the day, before the Owens' suspension was officially announced, but you will hear his thoughts which are, to say the very least, full of passion and opinion. Pac-10 Today has two guests-one talking Arizona's shellacking of UCLA and the other a voter in the Harris Poll from the Big 12.

QB Controversy at Oregon? Not on my watch: One thing that should never be mentioned with the Ducks under Mike Bellotti is a true QB controversy. He just plays two guys, this year, last year, and just about every other year he has been the head coach. Who is the best guy? Maybe it is just a situational thing. He thought (for whatever reason) that Jason Fife was a better fit than Kellen Clemens during some parts of the game a couple of years ago. Last year and this, he played Dixon at times when Kellen was healthy. As was the case on Saturday, the cliche of it doesn't matter who starts but who finishes was never more true than when Leaf led them to the win in the overtime.

BCS and the Ducks: Oregon moved up and into the top 10 of the one poll that matters most, the BCS. But will that be enough to get into a BCS Bowl as an at-large team? Consider this: For the 2005-06 season, Notre Dame gets an automatic qualification if it is ranked six or better with nine wins. The Irish are eligible for BCS bowl selection if ranked 12th or better with nine wins. The Irish receive a $4.5 million payout if they make a BCS bowl.
The Irish have three games left against Navy, Syracuse and at Stanford. If they were upset, they are out of BCS consideration-but that seems unlikely. I bring Notre Dame up because Oregon needs help if it has any hope of getting in as an at-large team. The Fiesta Bowl is the most likely place to go because that bowl's host conference, The Big 12 Conference, will more than likely play for the national title (Texas) which leaves that Bowl with two at-large bids. The other two BCS Bowls already have one slot taken with a host school (Orange is hosted by the ACC and the Sugar is hosted by the SEC-in other words the conference champions for those conferences go to those bowls automatically) . That leaves the Big 10 and Big East Champions to be slotted into a BCS bowl as well, which leaves just two spots for at-large teams. Translation: it is nearly impossible. See how it breaks down:

Rose-National Championship Game: USC vs. Texas
Fiesta- Big 10 Champ vs. at large
Orange- ACC Champ vs. at large
Sugar- SEC Champ vs. at large.

One at large will go to the Big East (West Virginia) Champion, which is guranteed a spot in a BCS Bowl. If Notre Dame ends up winning out, they will more than likely get the nod either because they are automatic (top six) or they are selected by a bowl because they have nine wins and are in the BCS top 12. So effectively Oregon (Pac-10 #2) would be competing against the losers of the title games in the SEC and Big 12 title games, along with the Big 10 #2. Even the most optimistic of Duck supporters know this is not even a longshot.

TO: Enough. I thought that all along, and now maybe after today he will go away. But this guy is everything wrong with sports. Selfish, self-absorbed, confrontational, egotistical, and on and on and on...... Why even bother-should he go away? Yes. And now it looks as if he will.

Blazer Thoughts: Three games into the 82 game schedule, here are some very uneducated and random thoughts.....
1) Sebastian Telfair played his best game since last season using the Damon Stoudamire point guard philosophy-SHOOT FIRST, PASS AS A LAST RESORT. Not only did he score 18, he only had two turnovers.
2) The most effective lineup of the night included Jack, Telfair, Randolph, Patterson and Ratliff-the Blazers. They were a +6 in a key six minute stretch of the fourth quarter. What does this tell you? If you give Telfair a solid ball-handler to work with in the backcourt he is far more effective.
3) Monia got rave reviews-and rightly so in his first career game and start. But he was nearly invisible in the second half, scoring just two points and taking just two shots. He did play 11:34 in the second half, so it wasn't like he didn't have a chance to be more agressive. Is he the answer? Lets wait and see.
4) Why is Webster playing the majority of his minutes at the three position? If he is your shooting guard of the future, play him there.
5) Salim Stoudamire still hasn't found a shot he doesn't like. He was 4-11 in 24 minutes.

Final thought is the crowd was great, enthusiastic, and fun. The downside is when will we have that atmosphere in the building again.

Number One Seed and Sent Packing-THE NCAA BLOWS! This is another reason why the NCAA should get blown up, and member school presidents need to make some changes. It is in regards to the NCAA Women's Soccer Championships.
Despite being one of two unbeaten teams in the country and ranked No. 1 in the final Soccer America regular season poll, the Pilots (18-0-1) will travel to Nebraska for the first and second round matches.
Portland was sent packing as a result of the NCAA's attempts to minimize travel costs for preliminary round games. Sites for first and second round action are determined to create the least number of flights, as a
result, only 10 of the 16 seeded teams will host opening round matches. With Iowa State and Creighton within driving distance of the Nebraska campus, Portland is the only team forced to fly. All other top seeds
will benefit from home-field advantage.
Gonzaga is the nearest school to Portland to earn a bid in the 2005 playoffs, but by being more than 300 miles from the UP campus, Gonzaga would also be forced into air travel if Portland were to host. So, the
Pilots will take their show on the road despite averaging 3,106 fans per game in 10 regular season home matches - unofficially second in the nation to Texas A&M's 3,797 average. Nebraska averaged 435 fans in 11
home contests this season for a total of 4,785. Portland drew a total of 31,060 during the regular season, including a 5,119 turnout against Santa Clara.

So to recap, the Pilots are a number one seed, top ranked and undefeated in the country, and average the second best crowds in the country. But..... they have to travel to Nebraska and if both teams win, the Pilots will end up playing the host school, and an unranked, at-large team on it's home field. At least the Huskers won't enjoy home field advantage in terms of a crowd-since they only average about 435 fans per game.

I don't know what the recourse is, but at it's own level of play, this is just as bad as undefeated SEC teams not getting a chance to play for a national title, EXCEPT nothing can be done about the BCS system since it is endorsed by the Presidents. This IS a playoff system and it still screws the small school from the Northwest.

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