Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Primetime-Back to Work

Mental health day done and over with, back to work today... Join us this afternoon for a great group of guests and interviews talking about what people here are passionate about: Pac-10 Football and the NBA.

Maurice Cheeks will join Suke and I at 3:25 before his first game as the new 76ers Head Coach. Whether you liked him or not as a coach, one thing is certain: this guy was the one consistent piece of class that an organization otherwise missing that had for the past few years. Nate should continue that trend, but if you care about the community, Mo is owed a debt of gratitude for being a his positive role here.

Nate McMillan I caught up with him after a long and intense (see below) practice late Sunday afternoon and had a chance to speak to him about the upcoming season. He drops what I consider a major criticism of the roster and what happened in the offseason at the end of the interview. We will run that at 5:30.

Tim Legler ESPN NBA studio host at 5:10 today, right after the Top Five at Five. I spoke to him earlier today and he has a lot to say about Mo's situation in Philly, Nate coming here, and Nick Van Excel going to San Antonio.

Pac-10 Notebook: Mike Bellotti, Mike Riley, Tyrone Willingham, Jeff Tedford and Pete Carroll today. A lot of QB talk in the mix, including the question of who will start at UW against OSU, will Brady Leaf play, and will the Big Four at Cal (Mebane, Jordan, Jackson and O'Callaghan) play on Saturday.

NBA Tips Off: A 2-12 November seems to be a distinct possibility, with maybe two more wins possible, but what difference does it make? Not much. Some observations while watching the final 30 minutes of a very intense practice on Sunday afternoon:
1) Assistant Coach Dean Demopoulos is far more vocal, hands on, and involved in practices than any assistant I have seen. He went on a couple of tirades Sunday, one which was a profanity laced one in which he said at one point "I have never seen a team that cared less about taking care of the f&%ing basketball than you guys." Well, he was right. But a couple of us thought it looked more as if he was putting on a show for the four media members there.
2) Ruben Patterson is easily the most vocal player and the one guy who takes charge during a practice.
3) It is really hard to see much of a difference in the level of play between Jack and Telfair. I think Jack may be better in the half court, which despite the people who think otherwise, is what a Nate McMillan team is. "SCORE EARLY, SCORE LATE" is what they were working on Sunday. Push the ball quickly, look for a quick score, and if it isn't there, pull out and work a motion offens with a lot of screens.

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