Saturday, October 22, 2005

Weekend Pac-10 Picks

First, thanks to Lake Oswego High School for their hospitality yesterday. We heard that it would be a big-time high school football atmosphere for their game with top ranked Clackamas, and it was that and more. Great game, and it was fun for Suke, Jason Swygard and I to work together doing the game.

Now.... on to the Pac-10 picks for the weekend.

Season to date: Suke and I are both 34-8.

Quickly here are the picks for the week:

OSU at UCLA: As much as I really want the Halloween nation to win, and I do, I called UCLA by 10 earlier in the week, and have to stick to it. One thing that comes to mind is the much-hyped revenge factor for Matt Moore. What hasn't been discussed is the fact Drew Olson and Karl Dorrell also want to prove something. Ted Miller from the Seattle P-I and who joins us every Thursday, made a great point this week. He said the people close to the program, and media who cover the team on a daily basis, say Moore was not the most popular of guys and hammering him and the Beavs is a priority. Suke is calling for the OSU upset.

USC at UW: Come on.... Suke though says UW covers the 30 point spread. I say no way. Trojans in a romp.

ASU at Stanford: Stanford is winless and home and we both think that will continue.

Oregon at Arizona: We both say Ducks for fun, and Stoops ends the day 1-6 and burns the redshirt of Tuitama.

WSU at Cal: I am following the big man's lead and going with WSU, against my better judgement. Wishful thinking, and really the only way to win the game for the Cougs is if it goes three quarters.

Have a great weekend and hope to see you at The Hot Seat on Monday.
Thank you and goodbye,