Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mt. Ruben Erupts-AGAIN! Primetime at Jo's Saloon from 3-5:30 PM Today

It must be February!
Make sure you take a listen today for Ruben Patterson's latest eruption. You may have read some of the comments, or heard one or two, but we have a treat today. Mt. Patterson in all of it's glory-all of the greatest hits including: "Khryapa and Monia...come on man, their from Russia!" and "what happens if me, Darius or Zach goes down... then who are you going to?" or how about this gem: ".....we will probably win just 20 games again this year" in regards to the young team. Listen today to hear what we usually have to wait until mid-season for, a Ruben verbal explosion.

Question is, does Ruben have a point? Is this season a total disaster before it even starts? Or are these just the "growing pains" we should expect from a young team?

I thought Jason Quick had a great point in today's Oregonian when he wrote out that with a team charging NBA prices for tickets (and I will add for NBA level corporate advertising) there is a level of expecation for the quality on the floor. If last night is any indication, there won't be a true NBA product on the floor this year. Growing pains are one thing, but you have to be competitive. Last night, in a preseason game, they were not competitive and the lack of effort was embarassing, no matter whether the game was pre or regular season.

The final thought I have is that what is lost in all of the Ruben talk, is Nate McMillan also mentioned that the possibility of changes could be needed. When the head coach, who has been preaching patience says they need to possibly make changes before the season even begins, there IS an issue with the makeup of the roster. We will hear that sound clip this afternoon too.

Bottom line is the same main problem exists with the 05-06 Blazers: PERIMETER OFFENSE.

Crazy story of the day:
The beauty of hazing in sports continues. Check out this gem from north of the border.