Thursday, September 29, 2005

Weekend Edition

Nate McMillan in studio Friday at 4:00. He was great, thanks to Nate and Blazers PR guy Mike Hanson for taking the time during crappy weather on a Friday afternoon. He had some interesting things to say, which I will talk about on this blog Sunday.

Pac-10 Picks: Here they are----

USC at ASU-Suke says 56-35. Ian will go 42-35.

WSU at OSU-Suke says 35-24. Ian HOPES it will be 41-28 Cougs

Oregon at Stanford-Suke will go 42-21. Ian says it won't be that good for Stanford, 35-10 Ducks.

Arizona at Cal-Suke picks Cal 35-14. Ian goes with 42-17 for the Bears.

45th Street Trade School at UCLA-Suke says 45-21. Ian goes 42-10 and Drew may break the single game rushing record.

Blazer's Camp starts Monday/Tuesday: Media and picture day is Monday, the first workout is Tuesday. Don't be suprised if David Lucas is in Portland's camp. He is an easy guy logistically to bring in, and since there are 15 players under contract, it could be a difficult task to do so. I believe Little Lucas is going to play overseas this year. He has been working out at the Blazers' practice facility.

Baseball Today: Isaac Ropp did his final show Thursday night. If I wanted to build a sports radio station somewhere, something I did in a past life and may end up doing again, he is one of those guys who would be a "must hire." Works hard, is passionate, and more than that is a very good host. People always wonder what goes on behind the curtain-I will tell you this, behind the curtain this is one guy I respect as much as anyone in the business.

$500 to spend at Best Buy: It could be yours..... listen Friday afternoon starting at 3:00 on 1080 The Fan for your chance to win. Thanks to Comcast Pay Per View for the prize.

Don't forget The Bald Faced Truth is on from 2-3 PM Friday.....I would tell you who may be on or what Big Bad John is going to talk about, but he has been in hiding this week. Rumor has it he may be hanging out on Suke Mountain in LaCenter getting in touch with nature. Tune in at 2PM to find out more!