Friday, September 23, 2005

Primetime Weekend-*Updated at 5PM

Big college football weekend in the Northwest with
#1 USC at Oregon, #17 Arizona State at Oregon State and #18 Notre Dame at Washington.

Remember when...... back "in the day" the above teams coming to the Northwest would have been the unranked underdogs, not the other way around? That would have been ALL THE WAY BACK in 2000 or 2001.

Our Pac-1o Weekly picks are below.

New Today.... from the "Where did I hear this first" department????
PORTLAND, Ore. - The Portland Trail Blazers announced today that
long-time radio broadcaster Mike Rice will assume the role of television
analyst and have brought in team alum Antonio Harvey to fill Rice's
radio broadcast position.

The answer to the above was in THIS blog two days ago. HMMMM......

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Question on the minds of many out West was how come the ESPN College Gameday crew, when given a second chance to pick the Pac-10 and Autzen Stadium for their popular Saturday morning show, decided to go to Blacksburg and Va. Tech vs. Georgia Tech instead. The answer is simple-logistics. The show is like a rock concert and I was told by an ESPN staffer today that Eugene couldn't even be considered because the equipment travles via semi truck and it couldn't get across the country in time.
For more info see:
Now... if USC and ASU both win this week, NO EXCUSE for not being in Tempe next week. Although something tells me they may end up going to the Michigan-Michigan State game or Florida-Alabama. If not Tempe, then I think it should be Corvallis for the pivotal WSU-OSU game.

Fox Sports Northwest cancels programming:
Due to Hurricane Rita, Fox Network's Engineering & Operations facility in
Houston, TX, is experiencing limited capabilities and has been forced to
close. As such, FSN Northwest has been unable to air its locally produced
schedule other than live events.
FSN's Mariners telecasts on Friday, September 23rd at 3:30pm and Sunday,
September 25th at 9:30am will be televised as previously scheduled.
Unfortunately, all other local programming such as FSN Live, FSN Classics,
Seahawks All Access, Huskies All Access and the UW-Notre Dame delayed
broadcast on Sunday, September 25th will not make it to air.
Periodic crawls have been implemented to alert viewers of the situation. FSN
apologizes for any inconvenience and hopes to be back to its existing
schedule as soon as possible.

Primetime's Weekly Pac-10 Picks and Standings:
Ian 9-1 (Stanford's loss the only blemish) 22-4 overall
Suke 8-2 (Stanford/Fresno State) 23-3 overall

Cal at New Mexico State: At least New Mexico State isn't a 1-AA team, but they are the closest thing to it. Cal wins going away, 45-10. Suke's prediction: Cal Cal 52-NMS 21

Notre Dame at Washington: Ty Bowl 2005. Keep in mind the Irish beat these guys 38-3 last year, and Notre Dame is better this year. Plus, there is no reason to think Washington is improved from last season. Oh, and Willingham says "nothing special" for the game. Keep thinking that Ty because the guy on the other sideline will make a statement tomorrow, at your expense. Notre Dame has never lost to UW, including some wins over Washington teams that were very, very good. 31-10 Notre Dame. Suke picks ND 31-14.

Arizona State at Oregon State: the stat that worries me more than any, as pointed out in this blog yesterday, is the fact that ASU has thrown the ball 126 times and given up just ONE sack-(USC and WSU have given up just two)... And to make matters worse, OSU is last in the Pac-10 with just three sacks in three games. I know, I know OSU has the best home record in the Pac-10 since 1999 (why since 1999? why not 1998, or in the last 10 years?). Anyway, included in that time period is a 49 to 7 loss to Cal last year. Why won't it happen again? Simple answer is IT WILL, just a different opponent, this one from Tempe and not Berkeley. I will go with ASU 48-17. Suke says ASU 55 OSU 24.

Oregon vs. #1 USC: I know many will find this hard to believe, but there have been teams ranked #1 in the country who have actually LOST. Many times it even happens ON THE ROAD! Although the 1991 Washington Huskies National Championship team went undefeated, they did lose the next year while ranked #2 to an average Arizona team. The 91 Huskies defense was far better than the 2005 USC defense, and the 91 Husky offense wasn't the 2005 USC offense, but both UW quarterbacks, one running back, three offensive linemen, at least one receiver, and a tight end all played in the NFL. Pretty good team, national champions, and I would dare say they would matchup very well with USC. Yet we want to believe USC is the greatest team EVER. Only 10 teams in history have gone unbeaten in the Pac-10. So are the Trojans beatable? Yes. Does it mean the 2005 Ducks will beat the 2005 Trojans? Not necessarily, but the point is simple-upsets happen every weekend in college football, even to the GREAT teams. Who thought Oklahoma would get beat, much less beat up, by Kansas State in the Big 12 title game two years ago? The Sooners were supposedly unbeatable. USC lost to Cal and WSU in consecutive years. Man for man, the Trojans were better than both of those teams (yes, even my Cougs) but they still LOST a game. Can it happen? Yes, will it happen? OK, probably not.
I say the Ducks make it interesting before losing 48-34. But... something tells me "The Mustache" may work some magic against The Genius Carroll.
Suke says it wont' be that much fun. The big man says 63-35 Trojans.

Parting shot for the weekend.... Fan Girls above..... for more pics check out