Thursday, September 22, 2005

Finally! We are back. 2-4 PM Today

Random thoughts following our grueling two hour show today: Fan Girl Photo of the day includes from left to right: Chloe and Tina... best friends???
New stat of the week, heading into the weekend-ASU has thrown the ball 126 times and given up just ONE sack-USC and WSU have given up just two... And to make that worse, OSU is last in the Pac-10 with just three sacks in three games.... I think I LOVE ASU and the 6.5 point spread.... Looking for a reason to think Oregon may win??? Field position could come into play and USC's all-everything punter Tom Malone is still banged up, but don't get too excited since the Trojans have punted just once a game in their three games played.... If their true backup punter doesn't travel, Superman himself Reggie Bush would be the backup punter.... Pete Carroll says the crowd at Autzen is no big deal, but he still had noise pumped into the practices this week.... One more reason to HATE THE BIG 12 is Texas Tech playing not just one, but TWO 1-AA teams in non-conference play, with the only game against a 1-A team versus a school from the Sun Belt Conference.... and to add salt to the wound, the Red Raiders are talking about scoring 100 points this week-not a surprise since their starting QB threw 37 times in last week's blowout win-I always wondered if there would come a time that I would root for Mack Brown and Texas-now I know when that will happen-October 22nd in Austin.... Lots of people have e-mailed this week and want to know why we have the Mariners--simply put, it is better as the only all-sports station to have them, than not to have them-especially if they end up being good which could happen again next year.... it is a double edged sword with them though, good to have them in June, July and August, but not so good in September.
PAC-10 Picks with Big Suke and me tomorrow..... Canzano on from 2-3, then we have a wind sprint 3-4. Saturday: 1080 The Fan Tailgate with Suke and me from 10-11 AM and then Sports Saturday from 11AM-3PM.

Check this out:
Below is from the new marketing campaign for the Hornets in Oklahoma City.... The title of the campaign is

More later, but I thought the above was interesting..... I know for a fact the small staff of top level Hornets employees have been working VERY HARD to make sure this isn't a lame duck season. By the way, what is the Blazers' marketing campaign this year? Anyone, Buhler, ANYONE? BUHLER? Not a criticism, just an observation. Oh, but here is a hint to both the Rose Quarter and the primary tenant at One Center Court, instead of bickering over who will paint what logos and words on the court, how about working TOGETHER on a ticket campaign. Free preseason game ticket giveaways DON'T COUNT. The Rose Quarter people at Global to have a campaign going, for premium seating and suites for concerts and sporting events, but I guess I have missed the Blazers advertising campaign. If it exists, it is what I would call the Portland State plan (see Canzano's Oregonian column last week) where only the marketing staff knows and hears about the actual campaign.

Thank you and goodbye.