Friday, September 16, 2005

Monday--NO SHOW-Mariners Game! My oh My!

HAPPY MONDAY.....HERE THEY ARE.... Tell a friend.... Fan Girl Pictures on the new 1080thefan web site. Here is a little "taste" of what you can find...

Now on to sports.....if you are still with me.

You can see the picks from Friday's show below, but the recap is as follows:

Ian 9-1 (Stanford's loss the only blemish) 22-4 overall
Suke 8-2 (Stanford/Fresno State) 23-3 overall

I guess we all know why Walt Harris was asked to leave Pitt. Nice job Mr. Excitement, losing to a school that is barely 1-AA!

My "bug of the week" is as follows: the love-hate relationship between the sports fan, the media and the College Football Polls-Is the game in Eugene this weekend REALLY a matchup of Top 25 teams? I ask because the only poll that matters is the USA Today Coaches Poll-and the Ducks AREN'T in that poll's Top 25. For some reason, newspapers across the country still want to recognize the AP Poll, but why? It means as much as the Athlon's, College Football News, Message Board for any School in America Polls do. Yes, there are also some things that make no sense on both polls this week: i.e. Michigan State below Notre Dame, etc. But why do most newspapers still recognize the AP Poll more than the USA Today Poll? One is going to help decide the national champion, one (AP isn't). It could have, but remember the AP and ESPN got on their high horse and pulled out of the process.

Each Friday we have our weekly Pac-10 Preview at 4:05 today. You'll hear from all 10 Pac-10 Coaches, including the always dynamic Walt Harris from Stanford, the reserved and cordial Mike Stoops and "Dr. Phil" Willingham as we preview what is a huge weekend for the conference. Four un-ranked Pac-10 schools take on ranked opponents.

Through the first two weeks of the season, here is what we have done with our Pac-10 picks:

Ian: 13-3
Suke: Claims he is 16-0, but we believe he picked ASU over LSU last week. I never got his picks before heading to a bender in Reno though. So.... Officially we will list Suke as 15-1.

I have been hurt by drinking the Arizona-squared (Koetter and Stoops) Kool-Aid. The ASU loss to LSU (it wasn't a catch) and the Wildcats loss at Utah (nice clock and game management Stoops) along with the Boise win over OSU. But here we go for this weekend-

Purdue at Arizona- Purdue is a well-respected member of the Little 11 Conference, a conference that saw all three Top 10 teams lose last week. The Makers scored 49 but gave up 362 through the air to a bad Akron team with a new QB-It could be close, but I think the Stoops-magic will help Purdue get the win, 24-17. Suke says.....Makers 31 to 17.
*one note, if The Cats lose, a 1-4 start with Cal and USC next up is probable.

Northwestern at Arizona State- Some people say NW should be a Top 25 team after a 2-0 start. I say if it wasn't for Northern Illinois Head Coach Joe Novak doing his Mike Stoops imitation and going for two instead of a tie, NW could easily be 1-1 with a non-conference loss at home to a non-BCS school. NW can't stop the run, and ASU's defense needs to slow down Tyrell Sutton who is one of those big-time running backs nobody knows-he has more than 300 yards in two games. This game will probably be closer than it should be, due in part to an emotional letdown by ASU, but I think the Devils will win another shootout- 35-24
Suke says.... State 45 to 28.

Illinois at California- The Ron Zook-led Illinois pass defense is a lot like the 45th Street Trade School's in Seattle-NOT GOOD. They are allowing 279 yards a game against Rutgers and San Jose State. It probably isn't a stretch to say that California's pass offense is just a little better. Marshawn Lynch is banged up but no worry, the other two RB's ran wild last week. The Bears win going away 42-10 as the Pac-10 looks good against the Little 11. Suke says.....Cal 28 to 14.

Fresno State at Oregon- So many things have been said, but here is what you need to know. Joe G. from the Oregon Sports Network tells me that Devan Long WON'T play and the Ducks are about 90% sure that "The Freshman RB" won't either. I don't care about the Frosh RB as much as Long. Still, Oregon is a Pac-10 school and I picked them as the second best team at the start of the season, and I am not bailing, YET. Oregon sets up a great matchup next week by winning a close one, 27-24. Suke says.....Frenso 28 to 21

UC Davis at Stanford- Common theme this year with Stanford games. WHO CARES? Especially when they are playing a 1-AA team that is just recently a 1-AA team. The Cardinal win for fun----45-10. Suke says.....Stanford 38 to 14.

Oklahoma at UCLA- I have thought all along that UCLA and WSU will be the surprise teams of the season in the Pac-10. Maurice Drew is playing with a purpose after the death of his grandfather, and now he has added his GF's name to his jersey. The naysayers will say that UCLA hasn't played anyone yet. But who not named ASU/LSU/Texas/Ohio State has???? Drew Olson is playing better than almost any quarterback in the country. The run defense may actually be better as Karl Dorrell has been saying all along. Go Powder Blue I say. UCLA wins another wild, wild West shootout 38-28. Suke says...... UCLA 21 to 17

Arkansas at USC- Here is what you need to know. Arkansas is leading the nation in rushing at 228.5 per game, but they did it against Missouri State (WHO?) and in a LOSS to Vanderbilt. Enough said. USC gets a lot of young guys work, early. 56-17. Suke says......USC 35 to 14

Idaho at Washington- I am happy that my Cougs saw Joey's little brother start instead of Steve Wichman. The JUCO transfer threw for 390 and three touchdowns last week. Trade School QB Isaiah Stanback has been one of the big surprises in the conference so far, but he has NOTHING to help him. Idaho plays hard under Coach Holt, but as much as I want it to happen, it can't-at least not for the Pac-10's sake. Idaho gives the Woof Woof's a scare, but the Trade Schools holds on 27-24. Suke says..... Washington 24 to 17

Grambling at Washington State @Seattle- Grambling will be the biggest offensive line the Cougs will see this year, but in this case big means slow. Stat of the day: 44,000 tickets sold as of Thursday. That is 18,000 more than the Dawgs did at Qwest, with the game-day walk-up still to come. The band for GSU is supposed to be good, thankfully because the Cougs will be playing the young guys early in a 49-10 win. Suke says......WSU 33 to 13

Oregon State at Louisville- Bad news for the Beavs in that the Cards had seven sacks last week, six by ELVIS alone. They also allowed only 47 yards on the ground to Kentucky, and OSU couldn't run the ball against Portland State. I think the best matchup will be the OSU linebackers vs. the one-two punch of Michael Bush and Kolby Smith. If the Beavs can hang with that battle, maybe, just maybe! But even with the early practices this week, the odds are against a team from the West winning an early game back East. Beavs keep it interesting, but can't get over the top as the Cards win it 35-24. Suke says....... Louisville 42 to 21