Friday, September 02, 2005

Primetime Friday September 2nd 2005, 3-6 PM

Weekend Pac-10 Predictions, as heard on The Fan during the Pac-10 Today!

Arizona at Utah: Suke picks Utah 17-14. Ian (third person reference) will go Arizona 21-17. I BELIEVE in the Stoops magic!

UW at AFA in Seattle: Suke says 17-14 AFA. I will go with AFA as well, but 24-17 with the UW defense playing well but the AFA scoring on a UW turnover, or TWO!

PSU at Oregon State: Suke says OSU will score just 35 while winning 35-7. I think they will do one touchdown better at 42-21, in a game that is closer because OSU still can't run the football, PSU is pretty good for a 1-AA team, and Matt Moore is still Matt Moore-in other words he will make some mistakes and he is a very average Pac-10 QB.

UCLA at SDSU: Suke picks UCLA 28-10. I say Karl Dorrell BETTER win this one, and he will 31-17 because SDSU gets good athletes who get to the beach and decide that hanging out with the hotties is better than working out. Can't blame them though.

USC at Hawaii: Suke is nice, he picks USC 45-14. I just think PC will call off the dogs and "only" score 52 in a 52-10 win. Horrible game.

Sacramento State at California: Suke and I agree 52-3 in a game that is not nearly that close. For everyone who is critical of Ducks for taking on Montana, the Beavers for PSU and the Cougs for Grambling, at least they didn't schedule one of the worst 1-AA programs in the country in Sac. State. Tedford may be a genius, but he is also a sissy for scheduling this game. At least bring in Sam Houston State or a decent 1-AA program.

Hurricane Katrina Update, Sports-wise:
I was told today by a close friend who is also a top executive with the New Orleans Hornets that they are hoping to play in Louisiana this season, not Las Vegas or some other market. There are about 3-4 suitable temporary homes in the state that currently host either college basketball or minor league hockey teams that could be used. The team is working with the league office and is currently based in Houston.

More importantly, please be very, very careful when you make a donation to help out the victims. We are being asked at the radio stations to get the word out that there are a number of online scams out there, so if you want to help and donate, do it through a Bank of America or sports fans at Reser Stadium tomorrow or PGE Park this weekend. (

College Football Day One is in the Books!
3-0! That is all that matters, right? Or wrong. The Pac-10 is 3-0 after one day, and specifically the Ducks and Cougs both survived small "scares" in their games. Here is what we (Suke and me) predicted, and what actually happened.

Suke: 42-21 Oregon
Ian: 35-10 Oregon
Actual Score 38-24

Suke: 35-7 WSU
Ian: 31-10 WSU
Actual Score 38-26

Suke: 56-10
Ian: 52-3
Actual Score 63-16

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