Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Primetime at the Ram-Wednesday and Thursday August 31 and September 1 2005


In case you missed it, here are the predictions from Suke and me for the three games tomorrow:

Oregon at Houston
Suke: 42-21 Oregon
Ian: 35-10 Oregon-I would like to think Oregon will score in the 40's like Suke does, but I also believe that if the Ducks jump out and put the game away, some of the depth guys will play and The Mustache and his sidekick GC won't show a lot in the first two games when Fresno State and USC are still to come in September. KEY: stay healthy in what should be a "gimme."

Idaho at Washington State
Suke: 35-7 WSU
Ian: 31-10 WSU-Joey's brother may get his team to the endzone once, and something (they ARE the Cougs) tells me WSU will screw around and struggle for awhile before putting the Vandals away. KEY: see above-stay healthy and don't let Idaho think they are anything except one of the worst teams in 1-A.

Tempe at Arizona State
Suke: 56-10
Ian: 52-3-easily the worst game of the night for the three amigos from the Conference of Champions. Temple was a bad Big East team, and they will be a bad mid-major team too.

Best of the Rest: There are actually 11 games being played Thursday night, with ASU the only Top 25 team in action. ESPN has the start of the Steve Spurrier era at South Carolina, where the Gamecocks are still probably only a 5-6 team, at best. One of those five wins will be Thursday vs. Central Florida. The best game of the night may be Minnesota going to Tulsa, where the Golden Hurricanes have won 76% of their home openers and have some good skill players on offense surrounding a new quarterback.

Join us at The Ram in Lake "O" Thursday for our Duck's Kickoff Party where you can watch the Ducks and Houston at 4:00 on ESPN 2. We will be giving away a ton of great prizes, and you can celebrate the kickoff of the 2005 season with your fellow U of O fans. We were at The Ram for the NCAA Final Four and Championship game, and all who were there remember it was a great venue.

Comments on the predictions are welcome.
Thank you and goodbye.