Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Primetime Wednesday August 24th, 3-4 PM

Welcome to Wednesday. For our friends on the south side of The River who don't get the Columbian (yes Portland Clark County not only exists, but it also has it's own daily newspaper-next is running water and electricity!) here is a link to the story they did on Big Suke and his minions today.
Tim Pyle did a nice job, even though there was far too much talk about Big Suke and not nearly enough about ME!

Today from 3-4, we talk about the most dangerous thing not only in sports, but in our society as well: ACCUSATIONS!

Why is this such a dangerous word? Simple, because in our world, if you are simply ACCUSED of certain things, you are automatically guilty and will need to prove your innocence as opposed to placing the burden of proof on the accuser. What do a I mean?

Jeff Kent is Racist- even though Milton Bradley is a wing-nut, and the source of the accusation has zero credibility, Kent will always have a cloud over his head after an African-American accused the Caucasian player of being "racist." That word-racist-is one of the most

Lance Armstrong Cheated- Maybe some day it will be proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this was the case and his seven Tour De France wins were tainted like his blood samples. But for now, in my eyes, he is an unblemished inspiration who accomplished something that nobody else has ever done, all while coming back from cancer. But the power of the print media comes into play once again. In this case, a French newspaper claims that a sample from 1999 tested positive for a banned substance-one that they didn't even test of in six years ago. The bottom line is Armstrong has never tested positive for a banned substance in the Tour, yet probably in large part because he is an American and accomplished something that nobody else in the WORLD has done, he is under constant scrutiny.

Why are these two situations so similar? Because both are almost impossible to prove innoncence, not guilt, but INNOCENCE.

Bob Huggins- Maybe I wouldn't really want him to coach my alma matter, but Bob Huggins wasn't hired at Cincinnati to graduate players. He was hired to win basketball games, which he did. Is he an ass? Yes. Did he embarrass the school with his DUI? Yes. Did he, his staff, and his players too often find themselves on the wrong side of the law? Sure. But did he get people excited about Cincinnati basketball? You bet. What was his REAL job there? To sell tickets, get people to donate money. Already, key sponsors are pulling their support for the school. And check out this bit of hypocrisy from the Cincinnati Post: "The University of Cincinnati is where, at a luncheon for academic scholarship candidates, they decorate the tickets and tables with basketballs and the front of the room with an ice sculpture of a basketball player. It's where they hold public rallies to celebrate admission into the Big East Conference. It's where they fire the coach that took them there."
As I said above, I don't really like the guy, but I think he was fired for doing his job.
Question for you-What is the real job of a college coach in a revenue generating sport? I say revenue generating sport because if you don't generate revenue (i.e. most women's sports, men's tennis, etc.) then you should produce "student-athletes."

Alex Brink is the Man- Sheldon's own named the WSU starter. Suprising to some, but as I told one of my WSU friends last night who questioned the move, this is QB Coach Timm Rosenbach's guy, and contrary to popular belief among many college football fans, the college coaches may actually know what they are doing since they see more practice film of these guys than most, not all, message board nerds!

Thank you and goodbye,