Friday, August 19, 2005

Primetime Friday August 19th 2005, 12-2 and 3-4 PM

Why are we on at noon today? I think the easy answer is our sales staff wanted to get a couple of extra spots in one of the FIVE Pro-Ams for the Safeway Classic. So here we are. I hope they enjoyed the golf this week, but since we are here, and have to do a show-away we go!

Scrimmage Talk- We watched Oregon State's and were at the practice in Eugene prior to Oregon's yesterday. Suke and I will discuss what these scrimmages really mean. Dixon was better than Clemens-who cares! Trust me when I tell you the only way that happened is the Duck's defense that Dixon saw in the scrimmage was simplistic-because he is having a real hard time picking up the blitz. Gary Crowton told us that on the air-in a much nicer way, and off the air as well.

Fall Football Practice Wrap Up- Brought to you by Widmer this week. As I said yesterday, there isn't much to tell me that OSU will be any better than the bottom third in the Pac-10. Oregon looks good, talented, but as stated in yesterday's wind-sprint show, the question with Oregon is ARE THEY SOFT? The Freshman RB is on the Maurice Clarett practice plan which doesn't help him since T. Jackson has been real, real good. We will get Suke's thoughts.

Prime Cuts- When we actually do OUR show in OUR time slot from 3-6 or 3-7, we put together the best parts of our top interviews of the week all in one segment. In case you missed an interview with some of the top local and national newsmakers and stories this week, they will be here at 12:25 and 3:25 today.

SUKE HAS POISON IVY- In the proud tradition of former Herd Producer Ryan Lindsay, Suke was diagnosed with poison Ivy. We will take your advice on how to cure this horrific ailment. Also, a full report on how many LPGA golfers he makes sick with his scabs and open sores.

ARE THE LPGA PLAYERS HOT? Again, a full report coming this afternoon. I am told, however, the galleries look much like a WNBA game is ready to break out.

Comments as always are welcome-Thanks for the solid comments and opinions. Tell a friend about the blog, or more important the SHOW with Suke and me. We appreciate the support and the two of us look forward to more good conversation and listener interaction next week. Have a good weekend,