Monday, August 15, 2005

Primetime Monday August 15th 2005, 3-6 PM

Day one of the post-Glasgow era begins... Where's Dennis? In a big office rubbing his head, looking like he has aged 10 years in the last seven days. Good luck our old friend and former on-air partner. Suke and I go into the radio battle on our own starting today.

Lefty is Good, and Good for Golf- Phil Mickelson wins his second major, which takes him into a different area in terms of historical significance. Anyone (see Shawn Micheel, Ben Curtis, Hilary Chunky Lunke) can win one major, it takes someone special to win two. I am not a fan, but I love what he said after, something along the lines of "two is nice, but the real great players are able to win all four majors since they have to have such a well rounded game to fit the different types of courses." But I think golf needs a rival for Tiger Woods not named Vijay or Goose-someone with a PERSONALITY. The thing with Mickelson is you either like him, or you think he is a phony smug fake dude. Rivalries make sports, and Mickelson winning another major, to join Tiger as the only guy to win two in the last eight, is good for the game. Especially since they don't like each other.

PGA Championship TV Complaints- And not just in golf either....We should all be careful when we complain about television dictating sporting events. Players should shut up because increased television coverage means more money-the Tiger factor. The big purses are not a result of the 30,000 fans in the gallery. They are a result of CBS and TNT paying big rights fees. Same for the NFL. Even T.O. would realize that he couldn't think about asking for nine million a year if the NFL only had a couple of games every weekend on television and networks weren't in major bidding wars for the television rights. The fans in the galleries, stands, and bleachers aren't paying the freight-it is the ones watching on their couch, laying horizontal with a remote in their hand stuffing chips in their mouth, that matter the most. So yes, television does dictate how and when things are played, and if you don't like it, ask the NHL or MLS how much fun it is when television DOESN'T care about you. By the way, what is more important to the PGA and ultimately the players, the millions of people watching on t.v. or the 30-45 thousand fans at Baltusrol?

Felix Mania- the youngest player to make his major league debut as a starting pitcher since 1978 is 1-1 with a 0.69 ERA in his first two starts. Take away the fact that KC has lost 15 straight games, the Royals have scored fewer runs and hit fewer home runs than any other team in the AL, plus their batting average is the third worst (yes, the M's are the worst hitting team in terms of average, and are second to last in HR and runs scored to KC). Looks like first team to one will win, just like the kid's last start. He hasn't given up an earned run in his last 12 innings, and is still just 19 years old.

Siavii in trouble again- This folks is what you call a pattern of behavior. Former Oregon defensive tackle Junior Siavii was arrested, according to the Kansas City Star, for assault. This is the same dude who got arrested just prior to the 2004 NFL Draft for striking a woman at a Eugene bar.

Widmer Fall Football Camp Tour- Tomorrow we will be broadcasting live from the sidelines in Corvallis during the Beavers first fall scrimmage. Wednesday it will be all Ducks from Eugene, brought to you by Widmer Brewing.