Thursday, August 11, 2005

Primetime August 11th 2005 3-7 PM

Big show today, content and length wise. Live from Camas Meadows, in the proud tradition of the 500 yard Par Fives at the PGA Championship, we go long with a four hour show. Guests include Bob Gilder, Danny Langsdorf, Tim Day, and Bob Casper

Topics today:

Another reason the NCAA is a joke: Read this story and it will piss you off, guranteed.
The good part is once again, it proves the BEST fans in sports are college football fans.

What Happened Tiger? Not sure, but he couldn't play worse, and he is still within eight shots of the lead. Suke will be happy, the networks (TNT and CBS) won't be.

Baseball Blows- Why?? Palmeiro is back tonight. Every day another cheater comes back to the game.

LPGA vs. Champions Tours- Who would rather see here? Keep in mind no Annika here this year-that is like the PGA Tour without Tiger, or is it?