Thursday, June 02, 2005


Better question, why am I doing this? Simple, because our stations web site is, how do I say this nicely---frankly it blows! That is supposed to change soon, but even if and when it does, I am told by my friends and peers in the media business that a good, interactive web site is a no longer a luxury but a necessity.
So.... since I trust guys like David Locke (the king sports radio nerd and John Lund (who is the the person I blame most for doing this damn thing I will do my best to become a solid member of the technology society. I won't be getting an ipod anytime soon, nor will I EVER become a message board nerd, but I will use this blog to pass along some daily topics we will be discussing and debating on the show, along with some additional news, rumors and opinions that we don't always get to during the 3-7 PM show on 1080 The Fan when three guys are battling for stick time. So.... keep checking back and hopefully it is worth the extensive time and effort that I have put into this.... and big prizes for anyone who can tell me what the hell HTML means? Just kidding. No prizes.
Thank you, and goodbye!